Artist Spotlight: Johnson Tsang

Hello there art lovers, today's artist is going to be a real treat for you guys, when I first saw his work I was blown away, and there is no doubt in my mind you will also be blown away by Johnson Tsang uses of stainless steel and ceramic to create mind blowing and unbelievable … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Johnson Tsang

Artist Spotlight!: Philippe Ramette

Hello there fellow art lovers, today's spotlight is a really nice mind binder artist, Philippe Ramette (or Ream), a sculptor and illustrator who create viewpoint pieces, art of object or people in improbable situations, yet it is by no means absurd to illustrate the issue, but rather to construct an image of a rational irrational. … Continue reading Artist Spotlight!: Philippe Ramette

Artist Spotlight: Takanori Aiba!

Hello there fellow art lovers, today I have another amazing treat for you all, we have another very unique artist that does amazing sculptures that resembles miniature worlds, I'm especially crazy for the castle that is sculptured around an actual bonsai tree by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba.The one that combines the bonsai feels like something … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Takanori Aiba!