Artist Spotlight: Ken Taylor

Hello there art lovers, its been awhile since I posted one of these artist spotlights and for that I really sorry but I got a really treat to make up for it, I have the amazing works of Ken Taylor, an amazing poster screen print artist whose work has been in high demand in the … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Ken Taylor

Mondo’s final Avengers poster

So here it is, Mondo's final Avengers poster. The final design features the full cast and was created by Tyler Stout! (Adored his Kill Bill poster!) Once again both the original and the variant of this poster are sold out 😦 - And I missed out AGAIN! Damn you time difference! It truly was love … Continue reading Mondo’s final Avengers poster

Mondo Official Avengers Posters

Black Widow - Olly Moss So here are the Marvel commissioned posters for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's collectable art section, Mondo. unfortunately they are now all sold out, but incase you havent seen the whole set here they are. I love Mondo poster's, there's just something about them that's totally original and unique. Though I'm … Continue reading Mondo Official Avengers Posters


Art Watch!: Phantom City Creative

Phantom City Creative is a studio I recently stumble upon, thanks to their collaboration with the incredibly awesome poster art makers, Mondotees. And I gotta say I am loving all of their poster work, ranging from movie inspired pieces to their own conception. Their style is at time very vector base to photo manipulation, and … Continue reading Art Watch!: Phantom City Creative

Art Watch! Greg Guillemin

Hello there, today I want to present something a little different then the comic book related articles, still artistic and definitely a "Must Check Out." This is a Minimalistic art piece by Greg Guillemin, a artist that I never heard of but really thought that the art piece need to be spotlighted. Recently I've been getting … Continue reading Art Watch! Greg Guillemin