Comic Book Review!: Nightwing #8

Hello there my fellow comic book readers, today's review is Nightwing #8, written by Kyle Higgins, with art by Eddy Barrows, and publish by DC Comics. I had love the start of Nightwing, coming off of his stint as Batman, I had high hopes for him, but as issues gone by, my interest faded fast. … Continue reading Comic Book Review!: Nightwing #8

Comic Review!: Nightwing #2

Hello there my fellow comic book readers! Today's review will be Nightwing #2, by Kyle Higgins on writing and Eddy Barrows on art duty. If you read my last review on Nightwing #1, you know that I really liked it, and #2 is equally good. Last issue we left off with Saiko (the villain) getting … Continue reading Comic Review!: Nightwing #2