Comic Book Spotlight!: Spread

This is a interview article from BleedingCool and by David Dissanayake, and this will be a summary of a interview David had with Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm on their up incoming comic book, Spread, a new on going series by Image comics. I wanted to help give this a bit more spotlight because I deeply … Continue reading Comic Book Spotlight!: Spread

The Comic Book After Market!

Hey there comic book lovers, I'm here to report to you on the ever fluctuating market of the comic book investing and after market world, talking about some of the hottest comic books on the market right now, and some of the high money making ones as well. For me I love collecting comics that … Continue reading The Comic Book After Market!

TV Spotlight!: iZombie

Hey there follower comic book and TV show fans, today i wanted to spotlight a new show that will be coming soon to the CW, iZombie, which is joining The CW in the fall along with fellow new series The Flash, The Messenbergs and Jane the Virgin. With the new promotional images, we can see … Continue reading TV Spotlight!: iZombie

Comic Book Review!: It Girl! And the Atomics #1

Writer: Jamie Rich Artist: Mike Norton Colorist: Allen Passalaqua Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Hello there comic book fan, today’s review is of It Girl! And the Atomics #1, is a spinoff of Madman Comics. Now I don’t know anything about the Madman series, so coming into this off shot of that series I have … Continue reading Comic Book Review!: It Girl! And the Atomics #1

Comic Book Review: Dancer #2

Hello there comic book readers, before I get to the review I would like to thank you all my followers, its a small yet big milestone for me to hit  over 100 followers, so thank you for your support, and be sure to follow me on twitter as well, and don't be shy to leave … Continue reading Comic Book Review: Dancer #2

Comic Book Review!: Danger Club #2

Today’s review is Danger Club #2, written by Landry Walker, art by Eric Jones, and publish by the incredible Image Comics. If you read my review of last issue (go ahead and read if you didn’t, I’ll wait), you’ll know that I found it a joy to read, with a different kind of story in … Continue reading Comic Book Review!: Danger Club #2

Comic Book Review!: Dancer #1

Hello there fellow comic book friends, today’s review is Dancer #1 written by Nathan Edmondson, with art by Nic Klein, and publish by Image Comics. Yes folks another review and new comic from the sizzling hot Image Comics, like I said before, they have been publishing great comics, and anything new from them always deserve … Continue reading Comic Book Review!: Dancer #1