Endangered Animals – Help Spread The Word!

Hello there to the people of the internet, today I saw something that touch my heart and something that I always had an interest in, which is the conservation of endangered animals. Now I know that it isn’t comics or entertainment, but for me it is a topic that rings to me just as much as those other topics do, because I have a deep love for wild life, for the fact of how interesting and vital they are to everyone’s way of life, to the way of life for the planet. So i’m just hoping that after watching the video, you guys would spread the word about it and easily contribute to the awareness of these animals. Also, I’m a big environmentalist freak that is out the always trying to make a difference, but I do care, and if I can at least do a little bit by spreading the idea that many of the worlds beautiful species are dying , then it is the least I can do, plus I think the photography works of Joel Sartore (the presenter and photographer on the video) is beautiful.