Artist/Product Spotlight!: Malika Toppin Griffin

Hello there readers, today I got a real special Spotlight for all of you, this is both a spotlight of the artist, which is Malika Toppin-Griffin, and the amazing products that she makes. She is an amazing craft artist, with products ranging from your crystallized products like phones, game consoles, clothes, she even do portraits … Continue reading Artist/Product Spotlight!: Malika Toppin Griffin

Artist Spotlight!: Suzy Lelievre

Hello there fellow art lovers, I have a special Thanksgiving treat for all my fellow lovers of the art, another post, today I have another great artist spotlight for you, Suzy Lelievrea, an artist that I have recently stumbled upon and is loving her amazing work. Born in 1981, in Paris France, there wasn't a … Continue reading Artist Spotlight!: Suzy Lelievre