Artist Spotlight!: Craig Drake

Hello there art fans, here is another great artist spotlight on another great artist, Craig Drake, another artist I discover through the amazing poster art site Mondotees, and I absolutely love his style. Craig Drake, was originally from Detroit, moved to San Francisco in 1998 to work in animation and freelance design, where he working … Continue reading Artist Spotlight!: Craig Drake

Artist Spotlight!: Mike Mitchell

Hello there fellow art lovers, today's Artist Spotlight is on one of my newest favs, Mike Mitchell, I recently discovered him through one of my favorite art site Mondotees, which recently held a gallery showing of his most recent work, a collection of Marvel inspired artwork. Mike Mitchell is an American artist in Austin, TX, known for … Continue reading Artist Spotlight!: Mike Mitchell

Mondo’s final Avengers poster

So here it is, Mondo's final Avengers poster. The final design features the full cast and was created by Tyler Stout! (Adored his Kill Bill poster!) Once again both the original and the variant of this poster are sold out 😦 - And I missed out AGAIN! Damn you time difference! It truly was love … Continue reading Mondo’s final Avengers poster

Mondo Official Avengers Posters

Black Widow - Olly Moss So here are the Marvel commissioned posters for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's collectable art section, Mondo. unfortunately they are now all sold out, but incase you havent seen the whole set here they are. I love Mondo poster's, there's just something about them that's totally original and unique. Though I'm … Continue reading Mondo Official Avengers Posters

Geek Chic – Avengers Inspired Make-up

Ok so I'm pretty sure most of you are not going to be interested in this topic, but maybe you will appreciate the artist interpretation that Jangsara has brought to the table. In case you don't know I'm Avengers obsessed so here is another Avengers based post. AVENGERS MAKE UP. Jangsara is a Finnish make … Continue reading Geek Chic – Avengers Inspired Make-up

Artist Spotlight!: Teryll Whitlatch – The Dino-Vengers

Every now and then I come across something that I think is pretty cool. So during one of my random internet searches I came across Teryll Whitlatch's latest art set. As you may know Whitlatch is a concept illustrator/creature designer who come's from a science based background, studying zoology before graduating from San Francisco's Academy … Continue reading Artist Spotlight!: Teryll Whitlatch – The Dino-Vengers

Artist Spotlight!: Philippe Ramette

Hello there fellow art lovers, today's spotlight is a really nice mind binder artist, Philippe Ramette (or Ream), a sculptor and illustrator who create viewpoint pieces, art of object or people in improbable situations, yet it is by no means absurd to illustrate the issue, but rather to construct an image of a rational irrational. … Continue reading Artist Spotlight!: Philippe Ramette