Review of Kidrobot Codename Unknown 5″ Dunny

Hello there fellow geeks, this is my review of the Kidrobot Codename Unknown by Mathew Fabris, also known as Sekure D, that I just recently got. Amazing piece that I will be able to add to my collection, hope my fellow geeks enjoy my thoughts on this display piece. Also check out my Instagram for … Continue reading Review of Kidrobot Codename Unknown 5″ Dunny

400% Bearbrick Star Wars Darth Vader HOLOGRAPHIC

Here is my review of Medicom Toys Darth Vader Holographic 400% Bearbrick, please check out the video, and if you thought it was decent please like and subscribe. Also check out my instagram for cool pictures of my collection and other things that I fancy, Geekxlovin Instagram.

My Geek Haul

Please check out my recent geek haul, and check out what geeky delights I got this time around. If you like the video, please subscribe, hopefully I'll get better at this, as I do like making these videos, they help me break out of my shy shell lol. Thank you everyone.

Coarse OMEN OUTBURST LOOP Vinyl Toy Review

Hello there everyone, here is a review of a new vinyl toy, the Rotofugi Exclusive Black, that I just got to add to my toy collection, hope you enjoy. Outburst Loop Vinyl Sculpture, 2014 by Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk Rotofugi Exclusive White Edition of 30 Rotofugi Exclusive Black Edition of 300 Rotofugi Exclusive Blue Edition … Continue reading Coarse OMEN OUTBURST LOOP Vinyl Toy Review

Your Comic Book, Geek and Entertainment Update!

Movie News I got to watch the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie, and it was a amazing movie, so there no surprise that Captain America was the big winner at the weekend box office as it kicked off the summer movie season a month early with an estimated $96.2 million, a new box office … Continue reading Your Comic Book, Geek and Entertainment Update!

Artist Spotlight!: Paul Hetherington

Hello there geek lovers, today I got for you all the showcase of a amazing toy artist, this is the Joker themed LEGO funhouse built by LEGOmaniac Paul Hetherington. The build is amazing, but what makes it even more amzingly impressive when you see the video and realize that parts of the build is actully … Continue reading Artist Spotlight!: Paul Hetherington