Movie Spotlight: Maleficent Trailer


Hi everyone , back again with another movie trailer – Maleficent. Due for release in the UK on the 28th May in both 3D and IMAX , Maleficent features Angelina Jolie as the lead. The first time I saw the trailer I was eager to see the film but I’m not sure if that was because of the trailer or the eerie atmosphere created by Lana Del Rey’s rendition of Once Upon A Dream. However upon the release of the latest trailer all doubts vanished. Maleficent has always been one of my favorite Disney Villains, even becoming my nickname when I used to play roller derby years ago – a play on the Mal in my real name.


So I’m looking forward to see how Disney adapts the character to fit such a prominent role. Angelina Jolie looks amazing as Maleficent and from the snippet of acting we see in the trailer she seems to portray her character well. The movie tells the story of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent’s prospective,  revealing events that made her heart cold and drove her to curse baby Aurora. The new trailer is more in depth showing Maleficent casting the spell on Princess Aurora that will cast her into her infamous sleep upon reaching her 16th birthday. Then revealing Angelina’s transformation into her fire breathing dragon alter ego, unveiling a set of very impressive set of inky black wings as she unleashes a torrent of havoc on Princess Auroras court. It also highlights an interesting twist focusing on Maleficent relationship with Aurora – is it love, or hate? Leaving one to think there is much more to Maleficent than meets the eye.


Another cool thing about this movie is that the young Aurora is played by Angelina’s 6 year old daughter Vivenne Jolie-Pitt and Zahara and Pax also feature as extras in a small scene. Maleficent is visually amazing but it would be as its produced by Disney! It also promises quite an in depth story. I’ll definitely be writing a full review on this movie after its release! If you haven’t had a chance to see the new trailer check out the footage below :).



Product Spotlight: Adventure Time Watches


If I haven’t told you before I’m telling you now, I absolutely love Adventure Time, I love the cartoon show, I love the comic book, I love the artworks and posters, and I love a lot of the other merchandize that spinned off from the show, and the newest item spinning off from the show are the Adventure Time Watches. Each of Adventure Time Watches features a wonderful images of Adventure Time characters like Jake, Finn, and Princess Bubblegum and tells the time, in very old school looking style. And each of the Adventure Time watches features a different character from the series with a design that covers the face of the watch and extends right onto the watchband, the choices are Finn, Jake, Finn and Jake, or The Land of Ooo, and each watch goes for $24.99. Now there isn’t a lot that is really special about these watches but they are definitely nice pieces for any Adventure Time fanatics, and right now this series is high collectible and very popular.

watch2 watch1

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Review: Monster Diamond Tears Edge Headphone’s


I’m back with another review of a set of headphones by Monster. This time it’s the JYP creation called – Diamond Tears Edge. Now these headphones appealed to me on a purely aesthetic level, I didn’t need to see any specifications, to be honest I didn’t care! I just loved how they looked. I personally love the unique appearance of the headphone and that was enough for me to hunt them down.


Now these headphones were not the easiest things to acquire. I live in England so the stockist list on the Monster site was the first stop for me. However it proved fruitless. I called every store listed and emailed every site only to be told the same line “We do stock Monster headphones, but we won’t be getting this model”. However that wasn’t enough to make me give up I contacted Monster direct who pointed me to a stockist not on there list, A popular UK music chain. I pre-ordered my headphones and waited with baited breath for the release date…… Unfortunately that date moved further and further back until I got the email saying, I won’t be getting my desired headphones as they didn’t get the stock! Nightmare! So my search continued……


I left it a matter of months (Yep, I planned this review months and months ago) and decided to visit the website of a popular UK electrical store looking for a smart TV. I like to think of myself as a headphones connoisseur so decided to peruse the audio section and to my surprise there they were! I blinked a few times and checked again and it was definitely them, they were in stock – and best of all In stock in my city with the option to reserve them and collect them in store, super happy :).


So I finally have the Diamond Tears Edge in my possession. After unboxing them I’m in love with the headphones they are exactly what I expected. There shipped with three cords – a standard straight cord, a ControlTalk cable for Apple IOS products and a universal ControlTalk cable for android and all other mobile products. Alongside the cords, they come with the carry case for headphones (they can be folded up when not in use), the Monster cleaning cloth and Monster shine spray to keep your babies sparkling. Although Diamond Tears look like there made from glass there actually predominantly plastic – and surprisingly strong for a Monster product. However I am not too keen on the headband. Made from some kind of gummy polyurethane it is comfy but does attract random dust particles. The fit is definitely snug and they would probably not be very comfortable if your ears are on the larger side. These headphone’s can be daisy chained (a pretty rare feature), as both ear cups have jacks. This allows a second person to plug their headphones into yours so you can both enjoy the same songs at the same time – and is really handy if two people are watching a movie on a mobile device. On the downside there is sound leak (a common problem I find with Monster products), however I was surprised that it wasnt too much – and on the plus side they don’t allow much sound in, sealing out a lot of everyday noise.


The Diamond Tears Edge come in two colour ways – Black and Clear (I personally love the Clear), They are both are covered in aurora borealis (a kind of multi dimensional/multi coloured finish created by Christian Dior and Swarovski back in 1956 and named after the light phenomenon). Monster however is planning to lauch more colour way’s sometime this year.

MHJYPDTON_128745_GLAM_01In conclusion I love the headphones – but there definitely not for everyone. They stand out and they are on the pricey side. However if you are looking for a statement piece, there definitely it. Quality wise I was pleasantly surprised! The sound – although not amazing was pretty good and sound leak pretty reasonable. So although these are clearly a fashion statement there’s some substance to back the style :).


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Rorschach Mask With Moving Inkblots


Today I got this really interesting fan made product, especially to fans of Watchmen, from Grafixfan is a Rorschach mask, but not just some ordinary one either because this one comes with some unique effects that actually create moving and similar ink spots. The effect is pretty cool to watch and looks like a bit of photoshop trickery, but it’s a collector’s item one can buy. Grafixfan created the designs by using a nontoxic fabric ink that reacts to your breath. It is a pretty unique idea and is the next best thing in coming close to the Rorschach’s mask effect, I would have loved if the actually ink spot on the mask would change because the ink spot that does change is very light and doesn’t really change any unique designs. You can choose from five different inkblot patterns that’ll have you looking like you’ve stepped right off the set of The Watchmen.

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Must See Product: QLOCKTWO Watch by Biegert & Funk


A truly one of a kind watch, a sleek and creative watch that tell time with words, and not only time it also displays the calendar day or seconds. Design by The Biegert & Funk design agency,  a multi award winning agency, the design is minimalist, yet very eye catching with such a big clock face. The watch does not show the time with hands or digits, instead, the time is indicated on the watch as readable text, there are 110 letters on it, and when the stainless steel button is pressed, words light up in unexpected places which describe the time. It is a very stylistic watch with a incredible price tag of $880, so if you have the cash I would definitely add this piece to your expensive lifestyle.

QTWBLACK4 Qlocktwotime

QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk

Review: ColorWare – Beats By Dre Studio Illusion’s

Hey 🙂 this is a review and a pre-review all rolled into one. I came across the ColorWare site purely by accident – I can’t even remember what I was searching for :S. ColorWare is a company who custom paint gidgits and gadgets – From phones, headphones and PS3’s to iPad’s, MacBooks and Segway’s! So I perused the site for a while and decided I would opt for a custom iPod classic. I spent way to long coming up with wacky colour combinations, playing with the different paint finishes until I designed the iPod of my dreams. I impulsively ordered the said iPod and eagerly awaited its arrival.

Two weeks later my postman greeted me with a smile and a parcel, She had finally arrived in Blighty! I eagerly opened the box and I was not disappointed in the slightest. The finish was amazing, the colours vibrant, and it definitely didn’t feel like they scrimped on quality. The complements started rolling in, and I must admit I tried to keep my new-found favorite site a secret.

I loved my iPod so much that I went back on the site to see what else I could justify buying. I settled on a pair of Beats By Dre Studio’s. Now these headphones are anything but perfect to me – Style wise there ok but quality wise I definitely would give them two thumbs down. There flimsy, clunky, and they literally eat batteries! I travel quite a bit and before I even arrive at the airport the batteries would be half empty! So you always need to keep AAA’s in reserve. Also the sound leak is RIDICULOUS, If you like to listen to your music pretty loud (as do I) be prepared for some disgruntled looks from member’s of the public who don’t appreciate your taste in music. Literally you can clearly hear every note played and every word spoken. I however didn’t know all of this info when I happily clicked away, creating my second masterpiece inspired by my muse – Iron Man :). So after numerous red and gold combinations I finally settled on the one. Click – they were ordered.

I had never held a pair of Studio’s at this point and during a shopping trip popped into an electronics superstore, There they were. I rushed over to the display excited and my heart sank, they felt so cheap I likened then to a child’s toy. They quality just wasnt there for the price and the more popular demo pairs were slack – meaning they couldn’t be adjusted as the locking mechanism just wouldn’t lock :(. So I returned home deflated and no longer looking forward to my new purchase.

once again two weeks later I receive another package and begin the unboxing process. Shocked was my reaction. They were nothing like the Beats in the electrical store! Gone was the flimsy, cheap, loose headphones and in their place were a pair of super sturdy, high quality and visually stunning one’s. SO HAPPY! ColorWare don’t just spray the headphones the colour of your choice, they totally disassemble them, paint them and re-build them. Leaving you with a quality end product.

Once again the compliments started and I again couldnt fault ColorWare.

A few weeks back I received an email informing me of their latest addition to the Beats line – The Beats by Dre Studio illusion’s. My mouth fell open when I saw the pearlescent finish, they were sparkly, iridescent, glittery and fabulous! They were everything I love rolled into one.

The illusions come in their colours – Red to Gold, Gold to Silver, and Blue to Red, and are only available for a limited time. I once again found myself on the ColorWare site staring intently at the image in front of me when the $1000 (£600 approx) price tag hit me. This is a huge mark up from the $500 (£300 approx) price for a regular custom pair of these headphones. However I once again continued forward opting for the blue to red option. I’m holding high hopes for these headphones, and fingers crossed I wont be let down. When they arrive I’ll be doing an unboxing and review video, so with these headphones 1st impressions definitely count.

ColorWare uses a liquid plastic coating called X2, Which is scratch and UV resistant and I must admit so far my products look almost identical to when I received them. That leads me to believe that these headphones will be just as stunning a few years down the line. So if you have a spare $1000 lying around and are looking for a set of conversation starting headphones – I guess these are for you.


Must See Crazy Products! Cubelets

Hello there anyone, today I stumble upon something that was pretty unique and crazy creative to me, and that would be Cubelets from Modular Robotics. Each cube is designed to function in one of three ways: action, sensing and passive functions. Combining these variations of blocks together allows for the creation of a myriad of interesting robotic constructs, without any need for programming or robotics expertise. They come in kits which are called KT06 kit and they contains 6 Cubelets, “You can build robots that drive around on a tabletop, respond to light and other objects, and have surprisingly lifelike behavior. But instead of programming that behavior, you snap the cubelets together and watch the behavior emerge like with a flock of birds or a swarm of bees.” But ridiculously, for this kit will set you back $160, or go for the bigger kit the KT01 standard kit that comes with 20 cubes, which is $520, and it does not come with a charger, so if you have the money and the curiosity of a nerdy child then go for it.