Action Comics #1 (June 1938) Superman’s Debut, CGC 9.0


Hello there comic book fans, I got an amazing spotlight for you today, something that is once in a blue moon event, the selling of thy most highly sought after comic book in history, Action Comics #1. This is the holy grail of comic collectors, something that every comic book collector cant have yet always dream of having and its up for auction on Ebay right now as of August 9, 2014. And with only 5 more days until the auction ends, if your a multimillionaire, then you better get started on bidding, man I’m dying to have this but currently at $1,950,100, it will only be a dream of mine to ever own a copy, hell, I doubt I’ll ever even get to see or touch a real copy in my lifetime.


This is THE comic book that started it all. This comic features not only the first appearance of Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but this comic began the entire superhero genre that has followed during the 76 years since. It is referred to as the Holy Grail of comics and this is the finest graded copy to exist with perfect white pages. This is …. the Mona Lisa of comics and stands alone as the most valuable comic book ever printed.

This particular copy is the nicest that has ever been graded, with an ASTONISHING grade of CGC 9.0 ! To date, no copies have been graded higher and only one other copy has received the same grade. It is fair to say though that this copy blows the other 9.0 out of the water. Compared to the other 9.0 that sold for $2.1million several years ago it has significant superior eye appeal, extremely vibrant colors and PERFECT WHITE PAGES. This means after 76 years the aging process has yet to begin. Truly this book is a museum piece. It is one of only two copies of this comic in ANY condition to ever be graded with the distinction of having White pages, the other being a CGC 2.5 !

If you are looking to purchase or invest in comic books this is without exaggeration the single best graded comic book that exists. It is the highest graded copy of the most sought after comic book in the hobby, and has the best possible page quality that can be assigned.  If anyone has ever been curious what an Action Comics 1 looked like the day it came off of the newsstand 75 years ago, this is the answer.


Even if you can’t buy this amazing comic book, at least you can witness history here, comic book history, watching the sell of thy most expensive, most coveted comic book in history and the highest graded copy, this will definitely be a once in a geek’s lifetime event. Again this auction ends Aug 24, 2014 18:00:02 PDT, so don’t miss out on either watching this amazing auctioning event, or if your rich, bidding on this amazing comic book. I will definitely update with the winning bid when this auction ends, because it will no doubt be a historic number in comic book purchases.

Update: Well here the update folks, Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0 has set a record for the highest payed amount for a comic book, the record setting figure is $3,207,852.00, a comic book historic event.


Comic Book Spotlight!: Only One Exists – My Little Pony


Hello there comic book and My Little Pony fans, today we got news that IDW and Hasbro have gotten together with Heritage Auctions to raise money for the charity Give Kids The World. Commemorating the best selling comic in IDW’s history, they have put together a one-of-a-kind issue of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #12 with a variant cover by Sara Richard, which celebrates the milestone of selling over one million copies at retail. That single issue, CGC graded 9.6, and the original cover art and other artwork that was included in creating the cover are all signed by the artist, the artwork lot will include a small rough thumbnail design, a larger loose pencil layout, and the finished tight inks, as well as the 9″ x14″ full color mixed media painted work, and everything will be in the Heritage Signature Auction on August 7th. Again the proceeds of the auction will benefit Give Kids The World, a non-profit organization that provides children from around the world with life-threatening illnesses and their families a memorable and cost-free visit to Central Florida attractions.

29054Pony art_LG

The one-of-a-kind variant issue #12 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be on view at Heritage Auctions booth at Comic-Con International: San Diego. And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.


Artist Spotlight!: Mike Mitchell


Hello there fellow art lovers, today’s Artist Spotlight is on one of my newest favs, Mike Mitchell, I recently discovered him through one of my favorite art site Mondotees, which recently held a gallery showing of his most recent work, a collection of Marvel inspired artwork. Mike Mitchell is an American artist in Austin, TX, known for his pop surrealism and poster prints. Now if you didn’t know Mondotees is one of the most popular and in demand producers of what I consider fine art posters, that are extremely sought after and highly collectible. They commission amazing pop culture artworks from amazing talents, the posters cover a wide range of topics like music, movies, comics, games, cartoons, and TV shows, so your desire to represent your love for something can definitely be represented thru beautiful poster form. So it was a amazing thing that Mondotees decided to showcase Mike Mitchell’s artwork because his work definitely is a site to behold, covering one of my most beloved topic, Marvel Comics.


His art style borders on the real to the cartoony at times, he use a mix of styles to accomplish different effects, some artwork is very vector base in style giving him bold sharp line work, as well as a combination of painting style where you get good tonal value. His also plain contrasting solid color backgrounds to make the either pop and/or stand out from the background. My most favorite is his portrait series, where he takes famous pop culture characters and does side portraits of them, I especially love his recent portrait series where he did side portrait versions of Marvel Comic book characters. Make sure to check out his other works of art at And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.


Power Girl, in Real Time

Hello there, comic book fans, today I wanted to spotlight a little gem that I stumble upon, that I really took a liking to, a short fan comic on DC Comics’ Power Girl. The comic has a great commentary on society and addresses big topics women are facing these days, and give a nice perspective on the Power Girl character. Giving thoughts on the heavily debated topic of the look of Power Girl, even though to most comic book fans this is a topic that been talked about plenty of times before, it was nice to see a more modern and current issue take on the debate, I hope to read more from this writer, Hannah Doerge, and artist, Per Darwin Berg, in the future. Check out the original for better quality images.

Hannah Doerge

Written by Hannah Doerge, Art by Per Darwin Berg

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Comic Book Review!: Avengers Vol 5 #1-13


Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Jerome Opeña, Dustin Weaver, Mike Deodato

Inker: Jerome Opeña

Colorist: Dean White, Justin Ponsor, Morry Hollowell, Frank Martin

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99


Hello there comic book fans, today I got a new collected series to review for u and that is Avengers volume 5 #1-13, which Jonathan Hickman took the lead from after Bendis has left, and I gotta say I’m loving it. Hickman has made the stories so far much more fun and action pack, with bigger scaled and more interesting story lines and has given a clear cut idea of the ever rotating and expanding Avengers’ cast. This time around they will be going for a global Avengers, having many teams of characters all kinds of threat that may pop up, now this idea is not new but here it is done very smoothly and generally the characters used are not just left in the background, more on this later. And throughout this review there will be little to no spoilers, I just want to give my thoughts and general feel of the the Avengers title by Hickman.


The Avengers are facing a new threat, a being name Ex Nihilo, with the power and technology to create life and environments on a global scale, so the Avengers are alerted to his appearance on Mars, where Ex Nihilo is terraforming (process of deliberately modifying its structure and makeup to be similar to the biosphere of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life) Mars. This of course leads to a clash between the Avengers and Ex Nilhilo, where the Avengers learn that Ex Nilhilo plans to also change up the Earth, but thanks to help from a expanded roster of Avengers, they were able to put a stop to Ex Nilhilo’s plans to transformer the Earth. At least that is what the Avengers think, but Ex Nilhilo has set into motion events that will drastically change the Earth. Events that will introduce us to new characters, and  present problems for the Avengers that they have never face before.


Hickman is doing a pretty good job on the Avengers, he gives good voice to all the characters, good dialogue that don’t feel out of place with the characters, and his stories are top quality Avengers storylines. Hickman does his usual style of storylines here like he did in the Fantastic Four (which is the only other comic I have read from Hickman), where his storylines have a bigger implications then they seem to do, that he leaves many plots or subplots dangling within the story for him to get back to much later down the road. What I have read about Hickman’s ideas for the title is that he has planned a 3 year storyline for the Avengers, so that would mean there will be many unanswered question that is made for u to stick with the title for the long run to find the answers to. This kind of approach has its good and bad to it, some good would be that it makes for some grander stories which fits for the Marvel Universe premier team, making the events and repercussion more meaningful from a good amount of time to buildup, and speaking of that, there is the room to buildup characters and storylines where they will feel more natural, which Hickman has been doing.

We getting introduce to new characters like Hyperion, Smasher, Nightmask, Star Brand, characters that Hickman seem to be slowly building up. Now for the bad, things wouldn’t be easily understood without a deeper reader when it comes to Hickman, and things must be read continuously, for example, a question u may have had in issue one probably wont be answered until issue 10. For Hickman, story arcs doesn’t mean that the story is finish in those few issues of that story arc, that things are just a small part of a bigger story Hickman wants to tell, and this is not always easy for younger readers, new readers or causal readers. But for me, luckily Hickman has captivate me with his story telling so far, he has crafted characters and storylines that makes a reader interested in finding out where things will go in the future. For me personally, I’m interested in seeing where and how he develops Hyperion.


We getting a good influx of new characters or a spotlight on unused characters from Hickman, like new villains such as Ex Nilhilo, a new Hyperion, a new Smasher, new takes on characters like Star Brand, Nightmask, and spotlights on characters like Manifold, Sunspot, Cannonball, and many other new characters or spotlighted characters. And what is good is that Hickman is giving every character to shine, giving back stories to new characters like Hyperion and Smasher, and showcasing Cannonball, Sunspot and Shang-Chi, he is definitely making good use of his large cast of characters and satiate the appetite fans have for certain characters, while breathing new life into the Avengers universe with new characters and fresh storyline. It was interesting that Hickman included characters and concepts from a unused and in the past poorly used imprint, New Universe, where we get the introduction of Star Brand and Nightmask, introducing this brand into the main Marvel Universe.


Since this is a collected edition review, there are multiple artists on this, but to be a bit general and both pacific, I say generally the art throughout the series has been consistently good, that there isn’t any new artist’s artwork was below the quality of the previous artist. So far from these issues, we had three of Marvel’s top artists, Jerome Opeña, Dustin Weaver, Mike Deodato, all of which have produce highly detailed work that is nicely rendered. Characters are designed very beautifully, action is depicted in great detail, lines are clean, backgrounds are also usually equally as detailed, coloring is bold want matches and flows the art style very well. When it came to the art of this series there is little to nothing to really complain about, although Jerome being my favorite I had wished he stick around much longer.


I very satisfied with Hickman


My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are the covers of Avengers vol 5 #1-13, if you think this is up your alley then be sure to pick up this series which should be in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading! And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.


Comic Book Spotlight!: Spread


This is a interview article from BleedingCool and by David Dissanayake, and this will be a summary of a interview David had with Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm on their up incoming comic book, Spread, a new on going series by Image comics. I wanted to help give this a bit more spotlight because I deeply excited about this comic, really looking forward to this new series for a few of my own reasons. I not really a big or even little horror comic book reader, besides for the Walking Dead, I just don’t read those type of comics, yet this comic just caught my eye, with its concept.

Like Dissanayake have said, this is the most interesting idea I have heard yet for a horror comic, Lone Wolf & Cub in an America taken over by John Carpenter’s The Thing. I love that there will be a Asian character lead, if you guys have been a long reader of this blog and read older posts (if not its a good day to start) you know I a big supporter of diversity, especially when it involves the inclusion of anything Asian. Also, love the idea of a badass father and son team (not sure if its a team) surviving in a horrific world, very interesting, and big props to Justin Jordan to giving homage to a classic Japanese manga Lone Wolf & Cub. And last but not least in the reason that I’m a supporter of this series, is because of Justin Jordan, after reading and falling in love with his The Strange Talent of Luther Strode I’ve been a big lover of his work and willing to give him another try and hopefully this is another success for me. Be sure to check out this series when it hit stores July 9th, because I’m expecting on another hit for Justin just like his Luther Strode series, and again be sure to check out the full interview at BleedingCool. And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.


David Dissanayake: So, the Spread’s simplified elevator pitch is John Carpenter’s The Thing meets Lone Wolf and Cub. That sounds fantastic. Tell us a little but about how you and Kyle started cooking up this idea.

Justin Jordan: The real origin of the book was two things that sort of bonded together in my head, which is often how comics come about. I was watching some zombie thing, probably Walking Dead, and got to idly thinking that it’d be cool to have a father son set of zombie killing badasses. Basically, Lone Wolf and Cub in a zombie apocalypse…

Kyle Strahm: Once Justin sent me his notes for Spread, I ran with it. I developed a variety of original Spread creatures, ideas for an ecosystem, character designs and sketches. One of those “creatures” I’m particularly excited about will be showing up around issue four. She’s got a lot of nerve.


DD: How are you approaching the tone of the story? Obviously it’s heavily horror influenced, but based on the cover there seems to be some interesting possibilities for humor with the baby, or am I completely off-base here?

JJ: …I don’t think you need comic relief in horror, but I think small moments of something funny happening set you up for the hits to come later. Too much grim and you just go numb. But honestly, my sense of humor worms it’s way in whether I like it or not.

But man, there’s some stuff with Hope that I think is funny. Babies are inherently funny.

KS: I’m keen on adding gags to everything I draw and Justin and I have been on the same page as to how appropriate they are. He did ask that I remove all the skin-tags from a character’s face, but we both like that stuffed octopus enough that we added it to the story.

As far as horror, I think it’s important not to make anything in the book seem like it’s doing evil for evil’s sake. All the creatures are really just going about their business and I think they seem creepier with an emotionless, gaping face-hole than with angry eyes and snarling fangs. Our creatures are sincere. I love horror that’s so over-the-top it makes you laugh; movies like Drag Me To Hell and parts of The Thing, but man, those are scary too.


What most excites you two about this project, and what is most challenging?

JJ: Man, getting to create a whole new world to play in is awesome, so that’s probably the bit that excites me the most. The chance to tell a big story, assuming people buy the damn book. Which in comics, you never know.

That’s also the challenging (or, you know, terrifying) bit, telling a long form story that will be, if all goes really well, fifty or sixty issues of story. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever attempted and I’m nervous. Thankfully massive amounts of Quaaludes help.

KS: The biggest challenge is definitely the scope of the series. Spread could be a long story if we find an audience. What excites me is the breathing room. I’ve done some work as a guest artist on books that already had a defined look. It will be nice to define that look with Felipe.


Disclaimer: Interview and the images are fully the property of David Dissanayake and BleedingCool, be sure to check out the original and full interview.

Comic Book Review!: Nova #1-5


Writer: Jeph Loeb

Artist: Ed McGuinness

Inker: Dexter Vines & Ed McGuinness

Colorist: Marte Gracia, Edgar Delgado

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Hello there comic book fans, today’s review will be the collection of the Nova series #1-5, the first arc of the new NOVA series, where we get a new character dawning the mantle of Nova. Now I was a bit hesitant with this title because I had fallen in love with Richard Rider’s Nova, and when he just recently just to gain popularity in recent years they killed him off and introduce a new character. I felt with new fans of Richard Rider’s Nova this would have been a chance to breathe life into the character and let his popularity in the Marvel Universe soar to new heights, where he may eventually reach fame like Wolverine, the Avengers, maybe even Spider-Man with the right amount of exposure. So I was deeply disappointed in that they killed him, so I didn’t go into this title with much love but with high expectation.


With Jeph Loeb as the writer I wasn’t particularly wow with the idea of this title, I always felt his writing either border between decent to border and stupid, never really amazing or absolutely fun to read for me. But at least, luckily this title has fallen into the side of decent, we’ll introduce to Sam Alexander, who is of mixed race which is a nice and unique thing, who discovers his missing father was a member of the Nova Corps. Putting on his father’s Nova Corps’ helmet, Sam becomes the newest recruit to the Novas and his adventures begins. Jeph does a decent job introducing Sam and giving us a sense of what kind of kid he is, and gives a decent yet generic kid discovering his powers story. Sam comes off like a regular kid discovering that he has a bigger destiny ahead of him, and Jeph lets us discover things along with Sam, things like power and the mysteries of his dad, we are learning along with Sam.

Though nothing about Sam personality really makes me love the kid, nothing really strikes out to me but I can see from these issues that he could grow on me. It is nice that Sam has a purpose in his life, trying to figure out if his missing dad is dead and if not, trying to find where his dad is. It makes him very endearing, does add a bit to his character, and makes me feel for the character more. So I will say that Jeph has done a decent job of introducing Sam to the Marvel Universe Fans (not really much of a introduction into the actually in comic Marvel Universe), we get a good origin story, nothing that stands out but there is definitely potential. Plus its great getting guest appearances from other cosmic characters, like the Watcher, Rocket Raccon, Gamora, and many others, and Jeph does a decent job voicing them.


For me, the art of Ed McGuinness is where I love this series the most, and combine with the strong and bold ink work of Dexter Vines, and bright polish colors of Marte Gracia and Edgar Delgado, I completely enjoying the beauty on the page. I love how Ed’s characters look, very clean lines and dynamic features, and his action scene are a amazingly rendered, many eye catching moments on the page.


After reading Jeph Loeb introduction of this new Nova character, I will say I’m less on the fence, and even though Richard Rider is still the better Nova in my opinion, I see the potential of Sam Alexander. I see that Marvel comics have a clean slate character that they can be able to introduce new fans to the Nova/Cosmic Universe. I like the series but I not as crazy about it as I was the last Nova series, and I felt the price point for a new title is ridiculous, yet because I see the potential, I would rate this serious a “Buy,” and hopefully this serious will be a good introduction to one of my newest favorite of the Marvel Universe, the Cosmic Universe.

My Take:


Here are the covers from Nova #1-5, if you think this is up your alley then be sure to pick up this series which should be in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading! And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.