Artist/Product Spotlight!: Malika Toppin Griffin

Hello there readers, today I got a real special Spotlight for all of you, this is both a spotlight of the artist, which is Malika Toppin-Griffin, and the amazing products that she makes. She is an amazing craft artist, with products ranging from your crystallized products like phones, game consoles, clothes, she even do portraits … Continue reading Artist/Product Spotlight!: Malika Toppin Griffin


Must See Product: QLOCKTWO Watch by Biegert & Funk

A truly one of a kind watch, a sleek and creative watch that tell time with words, and not only time it also displays the calendar day or seconds. Design by The Biegert & Funk design agency,  a multi award winning agency, the design is minimalist, yet very eye catching with such a big clock … Continue reading Must See Product: QLOCKTWO Watch by Biegert & Funk

Geek Chic – Avengers Inspired Make-up

Ok so I'm pretty sure most of you are not going to be interested in this topic, but maybe you will appreciate the artist interpretation that Jangsara has brought to the table. In case you don't know I'm Avengers obsessed so here is another Avengers based post. AVENGERS MAKE UP. Jangsara is a Finnish make … Continue reading Geek Chic – Avengers Inspired Make-up

Must See Product | Futuristic Hooks 59FIFTY

Must See Product | Futuristic Hooks 59FIFTY A new hat has arrive from New Era, now I know, hat news!, that is so stupid, but this is a hat that definitely caught my eye and was worth a mention. This was a hat that was straight out of the Back To The Future movies, certainly … Continue reading Must See Product | Futuristic Hooks 59FIFTY