Pre Release Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition


Hey all I’m back again with yet another pre order I’m highly anticipated – Dragon Age: Inquisition. This epic role playing series from BioWare boasts beautiful vista’s and amazing possibilities.


The story is based around a  cataclysmic event that plunges the land of Thedas into disarray. The skies have darkened with dragons bringing forth terror to a once peaceful kingdom. However one person has survived – The Inquisitor, and he alone is able stop these demons. The Mages enter into war against The Templars, and nations rise against each other. The Inquisitor and his group of legendary heroes are left to bring order and restore the kingdom to what it once was. As the campaign progresses bonds will be made and broken. This game is set in a vast landscape, filled with monstrous creature’s. The veil that keeps the demon’s away and the kingdom safe had been torn, and a new evil roams free.


Dragon Age: Inquisition allows you to build relationships with other characters, and your actions will shape the story and the outcome. That is one of the things that has drawn me to this game, the fact that every decision you make affects what happens next. Meaning you get a personalized feel from the game play. I also think this game is visually stunning, with good solid graphics. I love the fact that Thedas is vast setting giving you the ability to discover new things, from hidden caves to uncovering hidden item under a rock or behind a bush. Another thing I’m drawn to is the ability to customize the game. You can make The Inquisitor whatever you want him to be , and develop you own battle style. The Inquisitor is also gifted privileges other citizens are not, giving you the power to decide the fate of village’s and there inhabitants. The popularity of The Inquisitor is affected by his choices, and so is the moral of his team. You also have your own team of agents to whom you can assign various missions. In my opinion adding all of these things together will make Dragon Age: Inquisition an all round amazing RPG.


Dragon Age: Inquisition is set for UK release on the 10th October 2014. Check out the footage below :). And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.


Pre Release Game: The Evil Within


Hey all I am back with yet another pre-release I can’t wait to play – The Evil Within, a game being developed by Japanese studio Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. Now I’m a girl who loves gore, I know I shouldn’t but I do. So this game appeals to me on many levels. This survival horror title is going to fill you with true terror and will be available on Xbox one, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.


The Evil Within is brought to you by the gaming master of horror – Shinji Mikamii. The creator of the resident evil titles and will definitely not suit everyone’s pallette. There is blood and guts galore and weird zombie/mutant creatures materializing out of nowhere. The storyline focuses on Detective Sebastian Castellanos who alongside his colleagues was investigating a mass murder. However they were all gruesomely massacred. Leaving Castellanos in a disturbing new reality, filled with brutal traps and savage creatures.


As Sebastian you’ll need to keep your wits about you as you attempt to escape this hell – battling against its monstrous residents just to survive. The graphics in this game are amazing and the lighting and animation really bring the setting to life . This is a game that calls to be played in a dark room on a huge screen, which is just what I intend to do!


Like I said this game will not be everyone, already dividing some of my gaming friends. However I’m looking forward to it never the less. Admittedly the concept of this game is nothing new and some people have said its reminiscent of the Resident Evil games. Which I’d be surprised if it wasn’t since its created by the same guy! That however isnt a issue for me as I like the Resident Evil titles too. So if you haven’t yet seen any game play, check out the video’s below.  The Evil Within is set for release on the 29th August 2014 and is available on pre-order now. And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.


Movie Spotlight: Interstellar Trailer

imageHi all, today I’m writing about an upcoming movie from Christopher Nolan the director of Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy – Interstellar, which is based on the scientific theories of renowned theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway,  Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Michael Caine, and Ellen Burstyn, and looks to be a visually stunning piece of cinematography. Telling the story of a newly discovered Wormhole, Interstellar focuses on a voyage taken by scientists and explorers through the mysterious passageway. The point of this mission – To transcend previous limitations on human space travel. The plot is also said to touch on the topics of alternate dimensions and time travel. However details on this film are scarce with the creators being very tight lipped. The official Interstellar website gives the following statement.


“In the future, governments and economies across the globe have collapsed,  food is scarce , NASA is no more , and the 20th century is to blame, a mysterious rise in spacetime opens and it’s up to whatever is left of NASA to explore and offer hope to mankind.” 


So there is no real in depth plot information available yet, however ill definitely keep checking in to it in the upcoming months. There has been a great deal of secrecy surrounding this title with Nolan said to have filmed this feature under the name Flora’s Letter to preserve the integrity of the script. From the trailer Interstellar looks like it will definitely be a film I go to watch when it’s released on the 7th November. Also if your yet to see the footage you can check it out below :). And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.

Pre Release Game: Destiny


Hi everyone, there’s a lot of upcoming games Im eager to try out and Destiny is one of them. From the creator’s of Halo comes this Sci-Fi title set in the far future, and said to put “The fate of humanity in your hand’s”.


The story is based around, The Traveler, a ship from the edge of the universe which had led the rise and fall of humanity’s golden age in the solar system. In this title civilization spanned across the solar system,  these world suffered a catastrophic hit – but The Traveler managed to protect one city, the last safe city in the world. You play the role of a Guardian, a soldier and protector of the last city. While venturing out to the other worlds realization sets in, these world’s are now inhabited by vicious monsters and creature’s who are desperately trying to infiltrate the city. There goal, to destroy all who survived and reside in the city. As a Guardian you possess some of the power that once belonged to The Traveler, and use it to reclaim what mankind lost.


Destiny is both a first person shooter, MMO, and a RPG, which creates a different style of storytelling and gaming. It also contains multiple gaming modes including a multiplayer function and new social interaction features. There is not as much information available as I would like, with Bungie being quite closed on details of its latest creation – releasing details periodically.


However I loved the Halo series and the trailers I have seen have definitely peaked my interest! Destiny is another game in which the character you choose and how you develop him affects your future, and that’s a feature I love. The stunning backgrounds combined with amazing graphics makes Destiny a visual treat and I cant wait to immerse myself in the game play. This is one title I’m eagerly awaiting and one that I’d tell everyone to check out. It will available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. If you haven’t seen any game play id recommend you check out the footage below. Destiny is available on pre order now and is set too be released on the 9th September 2014. And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.



Pre Release Game: EA Sports UFC


Hi everyone back with another pre release you may want to keep an eye out for – EA Sports UFC. Built by the team who created the critically acclaimed Fight Night Series, comes the first major EA Sports collaboration in over 10 years. I can’t wait to try out this title as both my boyfriend and I are big UFC fans –  so I envision many hours spent battling for dominance.


The game play is pretty amazing with a lot of attention paid to the smallest details. From the way the fighters feet press into the mat, to the way the flesh on there bodies ripples from the impact of the blows. Realism is a huge factor i this game. If your battling an opponent into submission, they will fight and struggle against you just like in a real match. You will see there muscles tighten and there skin start to flush as the urgency grows. Also another feature which adds a level of realism is real time exertion. If you assign to much energy to the earlier rounds you will be left worn out in the later stages of play. Just like in real life this will affect your performance, leaving your movements sloppy and hits significantly weakened. EA Sports UFC also doesn’t rely on damage being logged in steady increments,  causing progressive detriment to your fighter. One strategically placed blow can be devastating, leaving a fighter with open wounds and realistic bruising.


EA Sport UFC also allows you to use your environment to your advantage, which results in some crazy moves. These include things like superman punches and roundhouse kicks, all while using the octagon as leverage. The fighters in the game were all created from a series of high resolution 3D head and body scans, giving a revolutionary likeness.  Alongside new facial animation technology, which delivers a much more realistic and diverse catalog of emotions and expressions.


Another thing I love about this game is the fact you can unlock Bruce Lee as a playable character! That’s another big plus for me as I’m a huge Bruce Lee fan. He can be unlocked in one of two ways – if you purchase EA Sports UFC on pre order, he will be available as a playable character from day one. The second option is to claim the belt and beat career mode gaining Bruce as a reward.


This is definitely a game I’m eager to experience.  I can see Dan and I loosing a day or two to this title, accompanied by a huge take away pizza. So once again if you haven’t seen any footage from the game check out the trailer/gameplay below. EA Sports UFC is set for release in the USA on the 17th June closely followed by the UK release on the 20th June,  and will be available on Playstation 4 and Xbox one. And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.

Pre Release Game: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


Hi all so today I’m writing about a upcoming game I cant wait to get my hands on – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Personally I’m a Call of Duty girl so I’m highly anticipating this release, which is “promised to deliver a Call of Duty experience like no other”. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is set to explore future warfare with private military corporations such as Atlas Corporation becoming the driving force around the world, and because of this shift in power the rules of war have changed.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is said to offer access to all new gameplay options that we have not seen in any previous Call of Duty game. These will include such things as boost jumps, grappling, and covert cloaking. Also you will be playing with advanced abilities such as extreme strength, endurance and awareness,  not to mention a substantial increase in speed – all radiating from a new powerful exoskeleton. In this future warfare things like directed energy weapons and hover bikes are standard and you are granted unprecedented tactical freedom.


I cannot wait to experience the gameplay for this title, especially after watching the trailer. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be available on Xbox one, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, and is set for release on the 4th November 2014. Also if you preorder Advanced Warfare on Xbox one, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, or Playstation 3 you will receive an Advanced Warfares personalization pack for Call of Duty Black Ops II or Call of Duty Ghosts. This pack contains weapons camo, playercard, reticle, a background and a patch – however certain consoles may receive slightly different combinations in there packs.

This is a game I will definitely be reviewing once its released, but until then check out the trailer below :). And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.


Pre Release Game: Murdered: Soul Suspect


Hi all so I’m back with another preorder game I cant wait to try out – Murdered: Soul Suspect. The basis of this game is solve the hardest case possible – your own murder.


You play as Ronan O’Connor a detective in the Salem police department who’s life was taken by a brutal masked killer.  The task is to bring the killer to justice using the supernatural abilities acquired in the afterlife.

Fate_Screenshots_v1_04 copy-noscale

As Ronan you get to explore the shady side of Salem. However you are unable to communicate with the detectives working the case. This means that you must read there minds and influence there actions through there thoughts. To complete the investigation you must interrogate the ghosts of Salem’s past residents to find the answers you need. This is not your only task,  you must battle demonic spirits to save your soul and find the person responsible for your death.


Now what draws me to this game is the unusual storyline.  I have not personally come across and definitely not played a game where my murder was the plot. I must admit the graphics on this game are not the best I’ve seen, but I think it makes up for it in the plot. Murdered: Soul Suspect will be available on Xbox one, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3 and is set for release in the UK on the 6th June 2014. This is another game ill be reviewing once I get the chance to play it , but for now check out the trailer below :). And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.