About GeekxLovin


Hello world, and welcome to GeekxLovin, the blog where you can find some regular “geek loving,” I am hoping to just create an all around (or as much I can) geek oriented site where you would get articles on not just comic books or related topics, but ones on Games, Novels, Movies and Celebrities, Technology, TV, Life and whatever else that spark my interest and hopefully it spark yours too. Please follow, comment, and like if I was able to peak your interest.

Also, on a side note, the rating system I have for comic books is “Definite Buy” or that it is a amazing read that should be and must be in your collection, “Buy” its a decent comic and has some potential and wouldn’t be a big buy, “Check It Out” is it is a good read but may not be for everyone or could be a good flip thru in the comic book shop before even buying, and “Pass It By” is that it is terrible and not worth your money and time.

3 thoughts on “About GeekxLovin

  1. Hi – this is Josh from Rhymes With Geek. I absolutely love this blog and think you have a lot of talent and an eye for what is current. Any interest in joining our website? Please send me an email if interested. Otherwise have an excellent weekend!


  2. Just saw this and thought i might ask some advice. Just finished a first issue of an indie sc-fi comic, and I’m looking for places to help get the word out and share. any ideas?

    the art is up at http://www.zacfinger.com/index.php?c=comics&v=ostenspieler0
    if you want to take a look. but really, i’m just looking for community to share the work with. any advice would really be appreciated.

    g. martinez cabrera


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