Comic Book Review!: Batman and Two Face #24-28

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artist: Patrick Gleason

Inker: Mick Gray

Colorist: John Kalisz

Publisher: DC Comics



Hello there comic book readers, here is a review of the Two-Face arc of the formally titled Batman and Robin, even though I had stop reading when it still was named Batman and Robin, the title still hasn’t lost its quality. Before I thought this title was the second best after the flagship title Batman, and after getting back into the series, I still feel the same. Peter Tomasi started the series, and after 28 issues he still able to keep me engage in the title. This series had contained some good stories, and the story of Two-Face’s past and the creation of the criminal is very good.

I never really care about Two-Face and never really knew much of his backstory, but this arc actually got me to like the character a bit and made his backstory rather interesting. Tomasi has created a rather compelling story of how Two-Face came to be, and made his purpose for being very understandable and believable. Tomasi also shine some light on a side I rarely read about, and it’s the mob and crime under world of Gotham, we get to see the state of the crime families of Gotham. The families are tired of all the super villains of Gotham being at the forefront of the Gotham crime scene, and the mob families decide to start with Two-Face to send a message to all the freaks of Gotham, that they are taking back Gotham from them. And although the whole mob families are not delve deeply into, getting a glimpse of what is going with this side of the crime underworld. We are introduce to one character Erin McKillen, the head of one crime family that is in charge of taking down Two-Face, that Tomasi really give us a good feel for. We get to see the relationship, past, and connection between Batman, Erin Mckillen, Two-Face, about their shared past that has lead to the now. And I gotta say that it is quite a good story, that intrigues me and left me satisfied after the end of the arc. The most important aspect of the arc was the spotlight on Two-Face, where we get to see the inner demons and mindset of the character. I love tortured soul characters, and Tomasi has created the perfect one in Two-Face, and made it a powerful story element, giving the arc some soul or heart (the painful kind). Starting out the arc with Two-Face playing Russian Roulette set the tone for the story, giving us the state of mind of Two-Face, a powerful dark tone which is carried throughout the story until the end.

Patrick Gleason artwork is very top notch, amazing detail, great facial and body language, detailed backdrops, and good action scenes. The look of Two-Face is amazingly done, looks like more base in reality for a face burned victim, when most times that I’ve seen him portrayed as really over the top and more cartoonish in a way. Gleason really draws mutilated things really well, from acid burning Harvey Dents’ (Two-Face) face to the acidified Bat signal. Mike Gray’s inks are clean and well done, nothing that stands out but a nicely done job. John Kalisz is a splash of earth tones and warm colors, from yellows, oranges and browns, giving a very blended look with very even tonal values. So like the inking, well done pages yet nothing to stand out to the mind, but I don’t knock it, good solid work.

Like I said before, coming out of DC’s lineup, Batman and Robin series is my second favorite title in all of the other Batman titles. Tomasi has created great story, and show that he can write a torture and human soul like no other, giving characters like Batman, a feel of humanity, the pain, the lost, and the sadness is beautiful and engagingly done. The art has been mostly Patrick Gleason, and I have become a big from of his work, very consistently good, with detail and beauty. If you’re a Batman fan, I definitely say this is a “Definite Buy,” also this series is a big player in the return of Damian Wayne, so if you drop the title because Robin was gone, pick it back up to see his return.


My Take:

Definite Buy



Here are a few pages from Batman and Robin (Two Face) #24-28, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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