Artist/Product Spotlight!: Malika Toppin Griffin


Hello there readers, today I got a real special Spotlight for all of you, this is both a spotlight of the artist, which is Malika Toppin-Griffin, and the amazing products that she makes. She is an amazing craft artist, with products ranging from your crystallized products like phones, game consoles, clothes, she even do portraits out of crystals. Beside crystal works of art, she does baby items, clothes of many styles, jewelry of many kinds, and many more amazing products. Below are examples of pieces that she has done and other that she is capable of doing, those are a few of her baby designs, all hand crafted by her, I’m especially fond of her comic book inspired creations, even in baby format. The products can be a bit pricey depending on the amount of detail and time that goes into a piece, but her standards are very high, she uses only high quality things to create all of her products, like only using Swarovski crystals, Egyptian Cotton, and many other high quality material. I can assure you by the look of products that she produces, I see nothing but high quality hand made works of art, that is well worth the price.


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