Artist Spotlight!: Craig Drake


Hello there art fans, here is another great artist spotlight on another great artist, Craig Drake, another artist I discover through the amazing poster art site Mondotees, and I absolutely love his style. Craig Drake, was originally from Detroit, moved to San Francisco in 1998 to work in animation and freelance design, where he working from now. When he was working for Lucasfilm in 2006, he created a Patrick Nagel parody image (a limited edition Princess Leia print, and his first official print). Also for people who don’t know, Patrick Nagel is a big pop artist, a illustrator that created popular illustrations on board, paper, and canvas, most of which emphasize the simple grace of and beauty of the female form, and gain high popularity during the 70s-80s.


Anyways, since Craig first break into the world of art prints, he has made some incredible posters and gain high levels of popularity, he has become known for his very stylized and vector based pop culture figures that are masterfully rendered, bringing a sleek and dynamic aesthetic to all the art pieces he creates. Again his style is very affected by Patrick Nagel artwork, but it is Craig’s topics that sets him apart, his topic focus more on pop culture, he hits on topics like music, anime, cartoons, TV, movies, comics, etc. You can currently find a few of his poster prints at Hero Complex Gallery, but other distributors of his amazing works are the Mondotees, Bottleneck and LTD galleries. And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.

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