Comic Book Review!: Nova #1-5


Writer: Jeph Loeb

Artist: Ed McGuinness

Inker: Dexter Vines & Ed McGuinness

Colorist: Marte Gracia, Edgar Delgado

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Hello there comic book fans, today’s review will be the collection of the Nova series #1-5, the first arc of the new NOVA series, where we get a new character dawning the mantle of Nova. Now I was a bit hesitant with this title because I had fallen in love with Richard Rider’s Nova, and when he just recently just to gain popularity in recent years they killed him off and introduce a new character. I felt with new fans of Richard Rider’s Nova this would have been a chance to breathe life into the character and let his popularity in the Marvel Universe soar to new heights, where he may eventually reach fame like Wolverine, the Avengers, maybe even Spider-Man with the right amount of exposure. So I was deeply disappointed in that they killed him, so I didn’t go into this title with much love but with high expectation.


With Jeph Loeb as the writer I wasn’t particularly wow with the idea of this title, I always felt his writing either border between decent to border and stupid, never really amazing or absolutely fun to read for me. But at least, luckily this title has fallen into the side of decent, we’ll introduce to Sam Alexander, who is of mixed race which is a nice and unique thing, who discovers his missing father was a member of the Nova Corps. Putting on his father’s Nova Corps’ helmet, Sam becomes the newest recruit to the Novas and his adventures begins. Jeph does a decent job introducing Sam and giving us a sense of what kind of kid he is, and gives a decent yet generic kid discovering his powers story. Sam comes off like a regular kid discovering that he has a bigger destiny ahead of him, and Jeph lets us discover things along with Sam, things like power and the mysteries of his dad, we are learning along with Sam.

Though nothing about Sam personality really makes me love the kid, nothing really strikes out to me but I can see from these issues that he could grow on me. It is nice that Sam has a purpose in his life, trying to figure out if his missing dad is dead and if not, trying to find where his dad is. It makes him very endearing, does add a bit to his character, and makes me feel for the character more. So I will say that Jeph has done a decent job of introducing Sam to the Marvel Universe Fans (not really much of a introduction into the actually in comic Marvel Universe), we get a good origin story, nothing that stands out but there is definitely potential. Plus its great getting guest appearances from other cosmic characters, like the Watcher, Rocket Raccon, Gamora, and many others, and Jeph does a decent job voicing them.


For me, the art of Ed McGuinness is where I love this series the most, and combine with the strong and bold ink work of Dexter Vines, and bright polish colors of Marte Gracia and Edgar Delgado, I completely enjoying the beauty on the page. I love how Ed’s characters look, very clean lines and dynamic features, and his action scene are a amazingly rendered, many eye catching moments on the page.


After reading Jeph Loeb introduction of this new Nova character, I will say I’m less on the fence, and even though Richard Rider is still the better Nova in my opinion, I see the potential of Sam Alexander. I see that Marvel comics have a clean slate character that they can be able to introduce new fans to the Nova/Cosmic Universe. I like the series but I not as crazy about it as I was the last Nova series, and I felt the price point for a new title is ridiculous, yet because I see the potential, I would rate this serious a “Buy,” and hopefully this serious will be a good introduction to one of my newest favorite of the Marvel Universe, the Cosmic Universe.

My Take:


Here are the covers from Nova #1-5, if you think this is up your alley then be sure to pick up this series which should be in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading! And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.



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