TV Spotlight!: iZombie


Hey there follower comic book and TV show fans, today i wanted to spotlight a new show that will be coming soon to the CW, iZombie, which is joining The CW in the fall along with fellow new series The Flash, The Messenbergs and Jane the Virgin. With the new promotional images, we can see that this is coming very quickly and the live action character, Rose McIver is the lead, is not a bad choice for Gwen (which is named Liv in the show) the main character of the comic. But this series wont be a faithful adaptation of the source material, as Rob Thomas previously told IGN that they’re basically just taking the general premise and doing their own thing:

The thing that we’re taking from the comic is this mid-20s female zombie who eats brains and gets the memories of the dead, but we put her in a coroner’s office, so there is sort of a ‘case of the week’ each week where she gets snippets of memories of the deceased and tries to solve the crime.

Even though its a total shame that they will go far off from the source material, I’m still hoping that they retain most of the good stuff of the comic series, like the goofy yet very unique and cool characters, and the supernatural elements of the comic series. I hope this is not just a detective police show that the lead just so happens to be a zombie to solve mundane reality cases.



Also, she’s in this “first look” teaser reel of all The CW’s upcoming fall shows, but it’s very blink and you miss it kinda moment.

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