New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer


Oh My God, I’m so on board for this movie even (though I already was on board), I’m loving this trailer, I’ve been won over again for this movie but I gotta say it seems like they are showing a bit too much of this movie. Feel like I may be spoiled to some of the good points of the movie, so hopefully this won’t be the case that some movies have had where we get most of the movie or the good parts from the trailer already. I’m hoping for lots of action and cool and funny parts still to come, that all the things the trailer may have spoiled are actually small things and there a lot more to it, like seeing them escape the prison, or see new action sequences. Also on another note, I’m still on the fence with Bradley Cooper being the voice of Rocket Raccoon, I haven’t got enough to give a clear judgement, but I’m mixed on it, some lines don’t sound all that great but others are just fine, hopefully he gives off the cocky, violent, and badass voice work that is known of the character. Man I need this movie to come out now.



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