Pre Release Game: Mario Kart 8


Hi all I’m back with another look at an upcoming game I cant wait to try – Mario Kart 8. I love all things Mario since it reminds me of my childhood, spending hours playing Super Mario Bros on my SNES. Anyway back to Mario Kart 8 this Wii U only game features new circuit designs and gaming functions. One of the functions are anti gravity karts giving you the ability to drive upside down or on the walls. You can also enjoy your favorite feature’s such as 12 player online competitive play, underwater racing, hang gliders and motorbikes.


Also if you like to chat you can talk to each other in the lobby area, while Mario TV allows you to watch highlight reels of your races. You can also rewind your race or even watch it in slow motion. Mario Kart 8 also has some never before seen items, such as a horn that blows away all items in the surrounding area. The horn sends out a sonic shock wave that clears away everything in the vicinity including other drivers, red shells and even blue spiny shells. This is great for maintaining your lead at crucial points in the race. It also features “Crazy Eight” – a swirl of eight items of which you get to choose one.


Mario Kart 8 also sees the return of lots of old characters such as Mario, Luigi, Toadette and Bowser to name a few, alongside two new racers. Pink Gold Peach with her glowing golden light is the shiny counterpart to Metal Mario, while baby Rosalina is a new addition to the baby line up. Just like in past Mario Kart games you can also play as your Wii characters, meaning your total playable character count reaches a whopping 30.


The graphics in this game are pretty decent and enhanced from being full HD. Once again another title I can’t wait to try when its released here in the UK on the 30th May. If you have yet to see any gameplay, you can check out the video below :). And if you like what you see and read then please, share, like, and comment, help us spread the loving.


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