Artist Spotlight!: Paul Hetherington


Hello there geek lovers, today I got for you all the showcase of a amazing toy artist, this is the Joker themed LEGO funhouse built by LEGOmaniac Paul Hetherington. The build is amazing, but what makes it even more amzingly impressive when you see the video and realize that parts of the build is actully animated.

“Paul Hetherington did more than merely build this colorful funhouse lair for the Joker; he also animated so that Poison Ivy’s plants chomp, the Riddler runs his decoder, Penguin and his birds enjoy the Rocket Ride, and Batman and Robin do their best to stop their wicked fun.”

You really have to see the video to appreciate the piece, it is absolutely mind blowing with the level of detail and imagination that was put into the LEGO diarama. This piece is so amazing that Hetherington won Best in Show at this year’s BrickCon. I am absolutely blown away at the level of talent and dedication this guy put into building this, sometimes I could never think howfar you can take LEGO.

Check out his full gallery and other works of LEGO art,

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