Comic Book Review!: Cable and X-Force #1


Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Colorist: Frank O’Armata

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Hello there comics book readers, today’s review is the completely new series of Cable and X-Force #1, by Dennis Hopeless (writer of Lovestruck, Legion of Monsters, and X-Men: Season one) and Salvador Larroca. Dennis is a relative newcomer, so I haven’t read any of his other works before, so I came into the title with low expectations, and I believe that is just the way to go into this title and find some enjoyment.

Dennis has a big task up ahead of him, picking a good and unique cast of characters that still have a chance to be defined by him is a double edge sword. He pick a cast that many creators haven’t been able to bring much personality to or make important in the X-Men universe, even Hope who has been a big character in the X-Men universe, comes off very boring to me. So with Dennis being unique in picking his cast, he has the job of bringing some life into these characters, and does he get the job done? Not entirely, but as first issues goes, he establish most of the cast and their purpose within this new team, but I hoping for something more in future issues to make these characters stand out more, a chance to shine and to define their life. Still, Dennis has setup a good solid story, introducing the players, and with a cliffhanger ending, he has got the ball rolling on the future threat of the issue, and the first few pages has given the glimmer of what’s to come.

I have seen many of Salvador Larroca’s artwork before, and his artwork is very solid, his art has a great amount of details in his backdrops and characters, and his character designs for Cable and his X-Force teammates are nicely done. There isn’t much to gripe about the art, besides for a panel in the beginning of Cable calling for transportation, which his arm looks extremely weird, everything else is nicely done. Yet I wouldn’t say the art is good enough to make this title a good enough buy, Salvador’s art falls in the category of solid watchable art, nothing that calls out to you.

After reading the first issue I could say that there is a lot of potential there, and here is hoping that Dennis makes real good use of his unique group of characters and give them a really good chance to shine and be define. Many people have been clamoring for more page time for some of these characters, if that is you, and then definitely support the title. With no big complaints from me about the artwork of Salvador, everything is left on how well and interesting Dennis’s story telling will be in the future, so this was a definite “Check It Out” kinda title for me.

My Take:

Check It Out

Here are a few pages from Cable and X-Force #1, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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