Product Spotlight: Adventure Time Watches


If I haven’t told you before I’m telling you now, I absolutely love Adventure Time, I love the cartoon show, I love the comic book, I love the artworks and posters, and I love a lot of the other merchandize that spinned off from the show, and the newest item spinning off from the show are the Adventure Time Watches. Each of Adventure Time Watches features a wonderful images of Adventure Time characters like Jake, Finn, and Princess Bubblegum and tells the time, in very old school looking style. And each of the Adventure Time watches features a different character from the series with a design that covers the face of the watch and extends right onto the watchband, the choices are Finn, Jake, Finn and Jake, or The Land of Ooo, and each watch goes for $24.99. Now there isn’t a lot that is really special about these watches but they are definitely nice pieces for any Adventure Time fanatics, and right now this series is high collectible and very popular.

watch2 watch1

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