Review: Monster Diamond Tears Edge Headphone’s


I’m back with another review of a set of headphones by Monster. This time it’s the JYP creation called – Diamond Tears Edge. Now these headphones appealed to me on a purely aesthetic level, I didn’t need to see any specifications, to be honest I didn’t care! I just loved how they looked. I personally love the unique appearance of the headphone and that was enough for me to hunt them down.


Now these headphones were not the easiest things to acquire. I live in England so the stockist list on the Monster site was the first stop for me. However it proved fruitless. I called every store listed and emailed every site only to be told the same line “We do stock Monster headphones, but we won’t be getting this model”. However that wasn’t enough to make me give up I contacted Monster direct who pointed me to a stockist not on there list, A popular UK music chain. I pre-ordered my headphones and waited with baited breath for the release date…… Unfortunately that date moved further and further back until I got the email saying, I won’t be getting my desired headphones as they didn’t get the stock! Nightmare! So my search continued……


I left it a matter of months (Yep, I planned this review months and months ago) and decided to visit the website of a popular UK electrical store looking for a smart TV. I like to think of myself as a headphones connoisseur so decided to peruse the audio section and to my surprise there they were! I blinked a few times and checked again and it was definitely them, they were in stock – and best of all In stock in my city with the option to reserve them and collect them in store, super happy :).


So I finally have the Diamond Tears Edge in my possession. After unboxing them I’m in love with the headphones they are exactly what I expected. There shipped with three cords – a standard straight cord, a ControlTalk cable for Apple IOS products and a universal ControlTalk cable for android and all other mobile products. Alongside the cords, they come with the carry case for headphones (they can be folded up when not in use), the Monster cleaning cloth and Monster shine spray to keep your babies sparkling. Although Diamond Tears look like there made from glass there actually predominantly plastic – and surprisingly strong for a Monster product. However I am not too keen on the headband. Made from some kind of gummy polyurethane it is comfy but does attract random dust particles. The fit is definitely snug and they would probably not be very comfortable if your ears are on the larger side. These headphone’s can be daisy chained (a pretty rare feature), as both ear cups have jacks. This allows a second person to plug their headphones into yours so you can both enjoy the same songs at the same time – and is really handy if two people are watching a movie on a mobile device. On the downside there is sound leak (a common problem I find with Monster products), however I was surprised that it wasnt too much – and on the plus side they don’t allow much sound in, sealing out a lot of everyday noise.


The Diamond Tears Edge come in two colour ways – Black and Clear (I personally love the Clear), They are both are covered in aurora borealis (a kind of multi dimensional/multi coloured finish created by Christian Dior and Swarovski back in 1956 and named after the light phenomenon). Monster however is planning to lauch more colour way’s sometime this year.

MHJYPDTON_128745_GLAM_01In conclusion I love the headphones – but there definitely not for everyone. They stand out and they are on the pricey side. However if you are looking for a statement piece, there definitely it. Quality wise I was pleasantly surprised! The sound – although not amazing was pretty good and sound leak pretty reasonable. So although these are clearly a fashion statement there’s some substance to back the style :).


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