Rorschach Mask With Moving Inkblots


Today I got this really interesting fan made product, especially to fans of Watchmen, from Grafixfan is a Rorschach mask, but not just some ordinary one either because this one comes with some unique effects that actually create moving and similar ink spots. The effect is pretty cool to watch and looks like a bit of photoshop trickery, but it’s a collector’s item one can buy. Grafixfan created the designs by using a nontoxic fabric ink that reacts to your breath. It is a pretty unique idea and is the next best thing in coming close to the Rorschach’s mask effect, I would have loved if the actually ink spot on the mask would change because the ink spot that does change is very light and doesn’t really change any unique designs. You can choose from five different inkblot patterns that’ll have you looking like you’ve stepped right off the set of The Watchmen.

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