Comic Book Review!: Morbius The Living Vampire #1

Morbius The Living Vampire 01-000

Writer: Joe Keatinge

Artist: Richard Elson

Colorist: Antonio Fabela

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $2.99

Hello there fellow comic book readers, I have for you guys a very surprising new series from Marvel, staring Morbius, an on and off again Spider-Man supporting character. Being a spin off from Spider-Man, and a small time character, does Marvel give us a reason to read Morbius.

Not really, there isn’t much of a draw for the character and after reading there isn’t much of a draw in the story. Morbius is an unusual choice in a lead for a title, he not really big in the comic book world, only popping up on and off every so often, playing very small roles. Heck the only thing I know about the guy came from the Spider-Man cartoon, he hasn’t appeared in the titles that I have read. So for me I don’t really have many feelings towards getting a dose of the character, he just hasn’t ever come off interesting to me. I have read some of Joe Keatinge’s stuff before (like Glory) so I have some familiarity with his writing. Joe writes a pretty good tortured character, which for this title is the only draw factor for me, or at least it makes reading a character I never cared for bearable. I’m a big lover of the tortured hero archetype, and here Joe creates a tortures soul in Morbius, who has escaped a super human prison to now be living on the streets in a bad section of New York. It was an interesting approach to the character by bringing him down from superhero status and making him like a homeless man looking to be left alone. It definitely brings more emotions towards the character, making the audience feel for him. Joe also gives us a refresher (if we are new or don’t remember the character) on just who Morbius is and what are his abilities.

Richard Elson’s artwork falls in the realm of being serviceable, his art usually has a even amount of detail, action is well drawn, and backdrops are not boring solid colors. Yet like the writing, there really isn’t much of a draw factor for me, no particular page that sticks out to me or deserves space in the memory bank.

Overall, Morbius The Living Vampire #1 is a average read, nothing in the writing or the art really rings to me, yet I’m a fan of Marvel expanding there titles, and trying out other characters to see if they can gain a larger fanbase for certain characters. So I would say that this is a “Check It Out” kinda title, lets see if this creative team can bring in the juice in subsequent issues.

My Take:

Check It Out


Here are a few pages from Morbius The Living Vampire #1, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, also if you like the post and want more regular posts please be sure to comment, like posts, follow on twitter, spread the word out, and like on facebook, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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