Comic Book Review!: It Girl! And the Atomics #1


Writer: Jamie Rich

Artist: Mike Norton

Colorist: Allen Passalaqua

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Hello there comic book fan, today’s review is of It Girl! And the Atomics #1, is a spinoff of Madman Comics. Now I don’t know anything about the Madman series, so coming into this off shot of that series I have no prior knowledge. So as an introductory number 1 issue did it effectively draw me in and not keep me figuring how who is who? Ultimately I felt that this issue fail as a good new reader friendly title, leaving losing interest and not caring about characters very quickly. Now there are series where we slowing get a backdrop to characters as the series goes, but honestly, for such obscure group of characters and series it would very much benefit from a better introduction of characters. Now as for Jamie Rich’s plot, it wasn’t very interesting, didn’t really draw in and especially didn’t keep what little attention it had from me. So I was disappoint and was also put off from even wanting to check out the Madman serious, which before this it was on my to read list.

Mike Norton’s art was the better part of this serious, very enjoyable to look at even though it wasn’t anything to stand out and make up for lack of interest in story and characters, as well as weak plot. The character expressions are nice, good character poses, serviceable backdrops, and nothing particularly bad. Allen Passalaqu’s colors are also fine, nothing special but definitely serviceable and nothing to complain about.

It Girl! And the Atomics #1 was quite the disappointment for me, because the main serious had been a recognizable indie comic. But Jamie Rich’s poor character introductions, weaker story, and not too interesting of plot and climax had left a very forgettable reading experience for me. As it stand this was a “ Pass It By” kinda serious for me, I may check it out again but hopefully by then it be a more interesting read.

My Take:

Pass It By


Here are a few pages from It Girl! And the Atomics #1, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, also if you like the post and want more regular posts please be sure to comment, like posts, follow on twitter, spread the word out, and like on facebook, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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