Artist Spotlight: Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor

Hello there art lovers, its been awhile since I posted one of these artist spotlights and for that I really sorry but I got a really treat to make up for it, I have the amazing works of Ken Taylor, an amazing poster screen print artist whose work has been in high demand in the art poster world. His work, in collaboration with Mondo poster has constantly sold out in a matter of hours on, and then turn out incredible profits on ebay. A lot of Ken’s work are sold thru poster company, Mondo, which sold some of the most sought out posters in pop culture today. The posters they sell are resold on the open market for well over $150, making their posters highly collectables and sought out investments. Ken’s works are incredibly detailed, very striking, bold in color and just very pleasing to the eyes. His subject matter is also very current, art of bands like The Black Keys, or favorite shows like Breaking Bad, or even hit movies like The Avengers. His most recent works thru Mondo are some of the most popular movie inspirations, and sadly they are all sold out thru the Mondo site, but if you have the money and love, then be sure to grab them from ebay quick because the longer you wait the higher the price will likely go, the posters are:

24″ x 36″
Edition of 400

beetlejuice10 beetlejuice9 beetlejuice3 beetlejuice2

24″ x 36″
Edition of 400

firstbloodreg15 firstbloodreg13 firstbloodreg10 firstbloodreg2

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (regular and variant)
24″ x 36″
Edition of 400

lambsvar14 lambsvar2 lambsreg11 lambsreg3 lambsreg1

21″ x 36″
Edition of 400

watchreg15 watchreg1

36″ x 24″
Edition of 400

awilreg12 awilreg2

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