Toy Review: Bearvengers N°2 – Captain Bear


Hey everyone! I’m back with toy review number two! It’s Captain Bear, the second in the Bearvengers series. So my review is definitely late as he was released in September, but I still think he’s worth a look!

Once again using the Bandai Beargguy as a base Figurine has realeased the second installment of there Bearvengers series – Captain Bear.

Captain Bear is movable but remember he’s hand painted so figurine advises not to manipulate him too much incase it damages his paintwork.

The finish on captain bear is definitely of high quality and cant really be faulted. I personally love this toy and can’t wait for the rest of the series – but I’m an Avengersphile, and the cuteness of them being bears appeals to my girly side!

There is one difference between the actual captain bear figure and the one pictured in group shot (In the previous article) – the shield. In the group shot the shield is kind of big in comparison to the figure and it features the classic captain America star, but the actual figure comes with a much smaller shield and the star has been replaced with a much cuter and befitting bear. Although I personally think they should change the star on the costume for the bear and the “A” for a “B”, I think that would set him off perfectly.


Captain Bear was selling for $129 on the Character M site, but is currently sold out.


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