Comic Book Review!: Colder #1


Writer: Paul Tobin

Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.99


Hello there my fellow comic book fans, for today’s review of Colder, I’ll be trying out a slightly different format, a more streamline approach hopefully. Anyways, getting back to the comic, we have Colder, looking at the cover, I expected a more violent and grotesque comic, and gladly it wasn’t, at least not in the first issue. I believe that the cover is representation the derange and off quilter nature f the title, we basically have a comic book about mentally unstable people. Paul has created a story with many mysterious, which makes for an intriguing first issue. Yet a big fault of this first issue is the weak characters, be sides for the evil and mischievous entity (Nimble Jack) of the title, the two other characters, Declan and Reece, don’t do anything for me. Yes, Reece Talbot is fleshed out, but not really interesting to me, maybe an expansion of her inquisitive nature may help me lot with my interest in the character. And as for Declan is unresponsive natures don’t help me with my interest in the story, even though he is a mental patient with an interesting problem, but as a first issue, with very little interesting and engaging characters, it still hurts my desire to continue reading.


Now Juan Ferreyra’s artwork is a big highlight of this title, great character expressions, wonderfully looking character poses, nicely detail backdrops and pleasing looking characters. Juan’s coloring of his own lines is also very nice; characters are never really ever flat, and backgrounds are never a solid color.


Colder has some potential, and hopefully with more interesting and define characters, and the continuation of the interesting mysterious, this title could become a very good read. But so far I find this a title that may fall into the category of a trade wait, so as this first issue goes, it is a “Check It Out” kinda title. Hopefully future issues live up to the potential of the mysteries that the first issue brought up, and that it gives something else extra to pull me in and make me stay, especially for the price tag.


My Take:

Check It Out


Here are a few pages from Colder #1, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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