Comic Book Review!: All New X-Men #2


Hey there folks, todays review will be All New X-Men #2, written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Stuart Immonen and publish by Marvel. By now you should know the big concept of the All New X-Men, having the first generation X-Men in the future, and the implications of that action, which if you read my last review of issue one, you now know this was my big issue coming into this title. So am I still against the idea that this title presented?

Well, I’m more on the fence after reading issue 2; I still can’t get over the absurdity of bringing the original X-Men to the present or benefits of it. But on the other hand Bendis is definitely making the experience an enjoyment tale. He has created an interesting tale for the X-Men, engaging drama and believable human conflicts, seeing the emotional conflicts of the original X-Men was interesting and believable. Bendis is doing well with giving great lines to his characters, everything feeling very natural for each character. Yet as the story goes, the title is very action lite, I always view the X-Men like to be like a soap opera like story, yet to put in firmly into the world of the comics we need the flash of action that this medium allows. So a big draw back for me with a lot of Bendis’ work is that his titles can get very dialogue heavy, the concept getting lost and losing interest, and the action getting weak to nonexistent.

Like my last review of the title, Stuart Immonen’s artwork is top notch as always, great character moments, believable conveying of emotions, and a amazing amount of detail. Like the last issue, the first few page of the issue shows off the quality one is to expect thru out the issue, Kitty and Iceman entering Beast lab looks amazingly detailed.

Bendis and Immonen has created another good issue that delivers great human drama and emotions, yet for me to continue to dish out a heavy 4 dollars on top of the other titles I buy, there adds to be more of a eye catching factor for me. Without the beautiful artwork I would easily get lost in a sea of dialogue, I really would like to see my fix of superhero action mixed in with my superhero drama. So even though there are some small issues I have, I would still deem this as “Buy” issue, and hoping the future issues get more exciting (and for the price, really exciting) real soon.

My Take:


Here are a few pages from All New X-Men #2, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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