Comic Book Review!: Bad Medicine #1


Hello there fellow comic book fans, today’s review will be Bad Medicine #1, written by Nunzio Defilipps and Christina Weir, illustration by Christopher Mitten, with colors by Bill Crabtree, and publish by Oni Press. If you read my review you can tell that Oni Press isn’t really company I read from much, but I felt like I wanted to give you guys a bit more variety, along with the company, the creators are also a bit of a gamble since I never had any experience with Nunzio Defilipps, Christina Weir, or Christopher Mitten before this title.

Nunzio Defilipps and Christina Weir craft an interesting story which would fit more perfectly being on TV, one part Dr. House and another part police crime mystery drama. We have your female lead, Detective Huffman, finding a mysterious dead body with an invisible head, and needing to solve the mystery, she seeks out medical genius, Dr. Randal Horne. Randal Horne, an ex doctor with a tortured past that comes out of his mysterious journey to help the Detective solve the mystery. Nunzio and Christina created a good yet pretty common character in Detective Huffman, a hard working, hard ass, inquisitive, and smart minded female cop. And then we have Dr. Randal Horne, a doctor torture by a death of one of his patient, who give up medicine to take on a mysterious journey, you can get a sense of the doctor, yet I’m a bit disappointed that the character does not entice reader to really like or care about the character. I felt that as an introductory issue and with Dr. Randal Horne being the main character, he was not flesh out enough to be engaging or he is just uninteresting. Still, besides for a weak main character, and not much of a cast, Nunzio and Christina created a interesting mystery thriller.

Now Christopher Mitten artwork was the biggest turn off for me, it’s a personal taste, not the worst I’ve seen but definitely not giving me the desire to look at the pages for long or to continue to want to look at future issues.  His line work is very rigid and I found to be needlessly place, not crazy about the look of the characters, his inking is heavy and thick at a lot of times. For me, Christopher’s artwork borders on the line of being serviceable or just a big turn off.

Besides for my views about the artwork, I feel that there is a lot of potential for the story, like I said I see this as a Dr. House/Police drama in the comic book universe, exploring the more outrageous ideas than what the great show of House can do. So in my view this is a definite “Check It Out,” a interesting read that you guys should see if it could be your cup of tea.

My Take:

Check It Out


Be sure to checkout this link to read the full of Bad Medicine #1 for free, and be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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