Comic Book Review!: A Babies vs. X Babies 01

Hello there fellow comic book readers, its been awhile, well today’s review will be A Babies vs. X Babies 01, written by Skottie Young and art by Gurihiru, and publish Marvel Comics. This is a fun spin off comic from the big Avenger vs. Xmen event, where baby version of the adults combat each other over baby Captain America’s teddy bear. This is definitely a good fun sidetrack from another event fatigue the Marvel has unleashed upon us.

In the story, Cyclops has stolen Captain America’s favorite teddy bear; so the Captain calls forth the Avengers to get back the teddy bear, while Cyclops call forth the Xmen for support. I never read anything from Skottie Young (I’m usually in love with his art) before but he created a very fun read, where characters harmlessly battle each other while shooting out very witty dialogues.

Honestly I had hoped the art would be from Skottie, because his version of baby Avengers and Xmen were very good looking, but after looking at Gurihiru’s art, his style is a nice alternative to Skottie’s versions. Gurihiru draws many little fun images, like baby Galactus, and the battles with the Avengers and Xmen itself is great to watch. Another fun part of Gurihiru’s art is watching his baby versions of the adults, he even added unexpecting characters like Bishop, Forge and his squirt gun, Captain Britain, and other nice surprises.

This little one shot title is a great refuge from the big yet not very entertaining big event that is happening in the Marvel universe. Skottie and Gurihiru give us a nice tell of pitting hero vs. hero in a no nonsense and no consequence story that should be fun for any superhero fan to read, even more perfect is this is story accessible to little kids.

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from A Babies vs. X Babies 01, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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