Comic Book Review: Spider-Men #2

Hello there fellow comic book readers, today’s review is the big Spider-Man crossover, Spider-Men, written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Sara Pichelli, and publish by Marvel Comics. In this crossover event we see Spider-Man being trapped in the Ultimate Universe, where he meets, the recently new Spider-Man of that universe, Miles Morales.

In the first issue Bendis does a lot of setting up, lots of talking and very little action or interesting ideas happens. But issue 2 is the story starts to really get interesting and good, with Spider-Man meeting Miles and trying to comes to term with being stuck in a different universe. We get the classic superhero meet and fight, and Bendis writes a great displace hero. Usually we get a less believe take on the same situation, added to the fact that it is taking place during a fight with Miles, really made this issue very entertaining. I admit I never read anything from the Ultimate Universe, and I especially never read about Miles, but Bendis really created a interesting Spider-Man, and the interaction between the two Spider-Men is great.

I love Sara Pichelli’s is amazing, which makes it ashame that I don’t get more of it in other titles. Everything is amazingly detailed, from character designs to backdrops, she really draws a great looking Spider-Man. Pretty much every panel is filled wit detail, not a scene that I can really gripe about, she is definitely a artist to look out for.

This is shaping up to be an interesting crossover, that has great writing and art with it. I’m hoping that Bendis continues with the great interaction with the two Spider-Men, and that Sara continues with the great art. Spider-Men #2 is a “Definite Buy,” and hopefully subsequent issues continue the quality or increase in quality, like how it was with issue 1 to 2.


My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Spider-Men #2, make sure to pick up your own copy at your nearest comic shop, and Have Fun Reading.



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