Comic Book Review: The Massive #1

Hello there my fellow comic book readers, today’s review is The Massive #1, written by Brian Wood (DMZ, Demo, Northlanders), with art by Kristian Donaldson and published by Dark Horse Comics.

The story is about a crew of environmentalist, lead by Callum Israel, surviving and learning the mystery of how the world has turn to shit in a matter of months. An unexplainable event has happen, cities has been flood, sea animals start to go mad and die, polar ice caps melting and breaking off, and many more. And during these mysterious catastrophes, Nineth Wave, the environmentalist group, have also lost their sister ship The Massive, so as well as figuring what is happen to the world, they must find their lost ship and it’s crew.

I was very surprise that I would like a story like this, but Brian Wood have crafted a really interesting world that is very real. And that is the kicker, the story Brian creates feel that it could happen in the real world, that we can easily face these environmental catastrophes. Which is the draw for me in this title, the extremes of condition Brian describe is very engaging. But the draw back of this title, that makes worry for I will continue after issue two, is that everything else is a little weak, doesn’t have much of a draw for me. The three main characters get a little bit of fleshing out, and we do get to see the environmental crew cope and survive the destruction of the world, but I’m not really draw to them.

Beside for the interesting concept, what really kept me reading was the amazing art of Kristian Donaldson, who I never have seen before but will look out for in the future. His character designs are very nice and detail, with distinguishing faces that are memorable and very appealing. As well as great character designs, pretty much every panel backdrop is as equally detail and a pleasure to look at. I don’t usually take about color because they don’t always stand out to me, but Dave Stewart has a great grasp of color that make the title more memorable, using certain tones to help separate the past with the present, as well as certain tones for when they are in the ship or outside. Also, Brian Wood’s cover was very nice, but what really got me want to grab this issue before it even came out was Rafael Grampa’s variant cover, it is the one with a giant jelly fish, it is amazing and simply beautiful when I got a preview look at it.

Brian Wood new series is a “Definite Buy,” a story with a wonderful and a very real concept behind it. Heck I believe it is worth the buy from the art alone, which I can’t say enough how much I love it. Still, for me to continue with the series, there gotta be more then just art and a nice idea for me to continue to put out the cash, especially in this economy where I got be tight with what I buy.

My Take:
Definite Buy

Here is Brian Wood’s Cover for The Massive #1, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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