Comic Book Review: Batman and Robin #10

Hey there my fellow comic book lover, today’s review is Batman And Robin #10, written by Peter Tomasi, with art by Patrick Gleason, and publish by DC Comics. Since the relaunch of the title, Peter Tomasi have been pumping out pretty good stories that focus on the relationship between Batman and his son, as well as developing Damian Wayne even further.

In this issue we get the rise of some new threat to our heroes, as well as some great interaction between all the Robins. As well as some great characterization of Drake and Damian, very well done seeing Damian dive deep into Drake’s (Red Robin) psyche. And Tomasi is writing a great dark and gritty Robin in Damian, making quite the stand out from previous Robins, as well as a interesting character all in itself. I’m also liking the new threat Tomasi is creating, where a group of small time villains, who has been affected by the Batman has join forces under a mysterious villain called Terminus.

Patrick Gleason’s art is very good and fitting, especially towards the end of the issue, what I mean is that the beginning felt too simple, rush and a little sloppy. I really felt this with the scene with Bruce, Drake, Damian, Dick, and Alfred, standing for their portrait to be taken. Characters seem sloppy and very irregular looking in the face, making the scene hard to look at.  But that was pretty much the only problem I had with the art, because after that it was good and very serviceable. I am definitely crazy about the scene where Red Robin and Robin finally go head to head, it’s was a beautifully rendered out fight scene.

Peter Tomasi has created a fun Robin fill issue, that also consist of a nice past Robin on present  Robin violence. And although the villains for this new arc may seem very corny and not very threatening, I have a feeling that there will be some goofy old school villainy that will happen. So this was a “Definite Buy” for me, and I’m hoping that the Robins of old and new will be explored more in future issues.

My Take:
Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Batman and Robin #10, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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