Comic Book Review: Dancer #2

Hello there comic book readers, before I get to the review I would like to thank you all my followers, its a small yet big milestone for me to hit  over 100 followers, so thank you for your support, and be sure to follow me on twitter as well, and don’t be shy to leave a comment, anyways, today I have yet another review from the red hot company, Image Comics. Dancer #2 written by Nathan Edmondson, with art by Nic Klein; my review of issue 1 was a “Check It Out” decision, but there may be a change of heart after reading this issue.

I’m going to be spoiler free as much as I can, the story pick up after last issue, where’s Alan and is girlfriend Quinn are trying to escape an assassin that is after Alan’s life. Quinn is still in the dark and feels that everything about Alan is a lie. But before he can handle her he must figure this weird situation out, so now he must enter back into his old life.

Last issue i felt things were a bit slow and there was much meat to the issue, but i have quite the different feeling in this issue. More into this issue, it really feels like a comic book made for the movies, where i can see Liam Neeson playing the lead role, which isn’t a crack at the title. The concept is nothing new, but Nathan creates some believable and compelling characters that are more fleshed out in this issue, especially the lead. While characters like Fox and Quinn seem to made into background characters, it was nice that Nathan give Quinn some very real reactions. Reading this issue I really felt it is like a Bourne Identiy set in his later years. And I loved the Bourne series, so the more in depth issue 2 have hooked my interest.

I find Nic Klein’s art in this issue more appealing in this issue, like last issue Nic uses a great deal of shadows and heavy black lines. But in last issue I found his character to be murky and not very detail or distinguishable, this issue was a nice brake. Quinn definitely looked nice in this issue, very recognizable, and Alan had plenty of panels that show off his features instead of shrouding him in shadows (even though there are still plenty of shadow covered character moments). Still for a title covered in mystery and suspense, Nic’s style is definitely a perfect fit for the title.

After reading last issue I wasn’t sure I would be sticking with this little series, but now I pretty glad I did. Indeed, there really isn’t anything special about this title, but it is a good solid story with good. And it isn’t a bad thing that the story feel like a Bourne series set in the future, so starting with this issue, it is a “Definite Buy,” and hopefully the series will continue with the interesting direction. And hopefully you check out my review of Dancer #1, as well as other past reviews, and if they help you with your comic book shopping be sure to leave a comment, and don’t forget to leave suggestion of any title you may want to see me review, Have Fun Reading!

My Take:

Definite Buy

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