Comic Book Review!: Danger Club #2

Today’s review is Danger Club #2, written by Landry Walker, art by Eric Jones, and publish by the incredible Image Comics. If you read my review of last issue (go ahead and read if you didn’t, I’ll wait), you’ll know that I found it a joy to read, with a different kind of story in the superhero genre. Again, this title continues what I deem as Image Comics producing quality titles that usually touch new bases.

We continue from last issue Kid Vigilante and friends had defeated their one time team member Apollo, so they can all focus on the true threat. They put their focus on mysterious threat that made all the superheroes disappear, leaving only the sidekicks. In this issue we get more into the character of Kid Vigilante, finding out that he actually lost his dad, the Red Vengeance, to the mysterious threat, and that before the incident his brother had an illness that put in him in stasis in their secret lair. After grabbing a key ingredient to Kid Vigilante’s to fight the threat our heroes head out to figure out their next plan for the fight.

Landry has created some interesting characters, with this issue highlighting Kid Vigilante and Yoshimi Onomoto, along with an intriguing backdrop of a story, for our characters to be define from. The story is action pack with great hint of emotion; my only draw back is there are still many characters that are left in the background, but hopefully this series isn’t a mini, because I would like to see more development of these interesting characters. Also, I’m still intrigue by the mysterious threat that had defeat all the superhero, and the gripping opening of this issue was wonderfully impactful and makes me look forward to future issues.

Eric Jones art is amazing, with great looking detailed characters, wonderfully detailed backdrops, and beautiful drawn action and blood filled scenes. His art is very expressive in execution, as well and dynamic and stylized in design, making his work a joy to look at, and a big draw for me to this titles.

Image Comics has hit it out of the park again for me with it beautiful and engaging title, both Landry Walker and Eric Jones are creators I will be keeping my eye on in the future. As for Danger Club#2, this is a “Definite Buy” title, if you love the superhero genre but looking for a new idea in the genre then this is it.

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Danger Club #2, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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