Comic Book Review!: Dancer #1

Hello there fellow comic book friends, today’s review is Dancer #1 written by Nathan Edmondson, with art by Nic Klein, and publish by Image Comics. Yes folks another review and new comic from the sizzling hot Image Comics, like I said before, they have been publishing great comics, and anything new from them always deserve a look. Also, there one of the few publishers the create quality works the cover a broader spectrum of genre then say Marvel or DC.

The story starts with an assassination, with the mysterious killer leaving after his finish mission, and then we jump to Milan, Italia where a ballet rehearsal is finishing up. After Quinn is finish with her rehearsal, she and her boyfriend, Alan Fisher, head out to eat. While out, Alan soon notice some suspicious people around them, so he grabs Quinn and makes a run for it. Soon the suspicious, who turns out to be police, start chasing after them, but Alan won’t let himself be stop by them. Because he knows there more then just police after him, chasing after Alan the police starts to get their head blow away by a mysterious sharp shooter from afar. Alan and Quinn jumps on to the Metro to escape the terrible scene, it is on the sub where Quinn ask for an explanation of how he was able to escape the police capture and why everything was happening. He tells her he is a retired assassin for the government, but he doesn’t know who is after him, so he decides to grab some supplies at his apartment. The assassin is outside waiting for him, more shockingly is that Alan knows who he is but he could not believe that he knows the assassin is because it is impossible.

I usually a superhero genre reading, but sometimes I like to spread my horizon sometime, and like Image Comics has been the publisher to go to for something new and different. Nathan story starts out like a suspense thriller movie, doesn’t really stand out like nothing new, but still solid work, with acceptable introduction of our main characters and a interesting mystery that qualifies me checking out the next issue. And my problem with the book was that most of the story didn’t really draw me in or impress me in any way, until the cliffhanger ending.

Nic’s art isn’t really the kind of that I would enjoy, but for this kinds of story, deep root in mystery, the heavy use of blacks and shadows help convey the right kind of idea for the title. The line work is gritty and dark; along with the dark tone color palette, we get a fitting atmosphere for the title, characters and background are finely draw, very solid and serviceable job at best. But characters are not very detailed or distinguishable at times, making the panels very forgettable.

Admittedly Danger was a nice reprieve from the swarm of superhero books on the shelf, a seemingly down to earth suspense thriller with a touch of weird. Again, as a Image title I either expect a exceptional read or at best an acceptable try, and for me Danger #1 fall into the later, a “Check It Out” kinda title. Hopefully the cliffhanger ending continues the intrigue, and we get a more griping and emotional story with better fleshed out characters.

My Take:

Check It Out

Here are a few pages from Dancer #1 (images courtesy of comicbookresource) , be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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