Comic Book Review!: Chew #25

Hello there fellow comic book readers, today’s review will be one of my top favorite comic books on the stands now, Chew #25 written by John Layman, with art by Rob Guillory, and publish by Image Comics. I have to say that this series is amazing, there has not been a issue in this series that I didn’t love and got a kick out of.

If you don’t know the back story please check out older reviews and spotlights I did on the series, and you will see why I’m in love with this amazingly fun series. Anyways, Tony Chu had been kidnapped by his girlfriend’s (Amelia Mintz) ex boyfriend (Dan Frank) in the hopes of using Tony’s powers to help with Dan’s book. Dan has been beating and torturing Tony for a few days now, to get him to cooperate, and while he has been missing, people around Tony have been wondering where he’s been, especially Amelia. Using her instincts, she figures out that Dan has Tony, so she follows him to where he is hiding Tony, and jumps to Tony’s rescue, which I love. You don’t get such a good telling of relationships in comics, this has been lovely. I love Amelia and Tony’s relationship, how she cares for him, stands by him, and remained determined to find him when no one else bothered to look. Adding another level to Amelia’s character and a level to her relationship with Tony.

Rob Guillory is amazing as always, extremely fun and funny, very dynamic in character design and provides so much detail in each panel. Rob has off the wall body and facial expressions that just adds to the tone of the story. The detail that Rob implores is very different, pretty much every panel is pack with easter eggs or funny little phrases or imagery. I absolutely love Chew, and Rob’s art makes the series a complete package, which is why I can’t praise his art enough, along with his great characters, I love his over all designs, with the panels, sound effects, and just so much more. I honesty haven’t found fault in this series at all since the beginning, every single issue has been a absolute joy.

I gotta say, maybe I’m being biased because I love this series from every aspect, but the team of John Layman and Rob Guillory has been a must read to believe, so Chew #25 is ā€œDefinite Buy,ā€ as long as the rest of the series, if you can find them that is. It is sad that this issue shows the future of the series, and how it is ending at issue 60, but I know that it will be hell of a ride until then.

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Chew #25, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now (hopefully), and like always Have Fun Reading!


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