Artist Spotlight!: Teryll Whitlatch – The Dino-Vengers

Every now and then I come across something that I think is pretty cool. So during one of my random internet searches I came across Teryll Whitlatch’s latest art set. As you may know Whitlatch is a concept illustrator/creature designer who come’s from a science based background, studying zoology before graduating from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. Whitlatch has worked on numerous projects in the film industry including Star Wars: Episode I, Where she helped with the creation of Jar-Jar Binks (not the highlight of her career if you ask me) and recently working on Pixar’s upcoming – Brave. I now think she has totally redeemed herself for the Jar-Jar incident with her latest Dino Vengers set. YES! That’s right dinosaurs in Avengers costumes! Now this is no way a new concept, Last year I personally found art work depicting superhero dinosaurs (and some of the ideas are repeated in Whitlach’s set). However Whitlatch’s artwork is definitely in a different league to anything I have seen in the past, and really I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Here’s what Whitlach wrote about coming up with the Dino Vengers.

“It was fun deciding what dinosaurs should be what characters. I ended up with an Ankylosaur as Iron Man (a no-brainer, as this animal is naturally armored), a Parasaurolophus as Captain America, just because I thought with that crest it would look really funny, a Triceratops as Thor, especially since when it grows up it is actually a Torosaurus, hence “Thor”-osaurus, and a T-rex as the Hulk so I could give it really muscularly odd little arms.
It’s a breath of fresh air to do fan art, and any excuse to draw dinosaurs is a good one!”

So here they are, hope you enjoy!

They instantly appealed to the Avengers-phille in me :). I just wonder if she has any plans to for the rest of the gang?

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