Comic Book Review!: Nightwing #8

Hello there my fellow comic book readers, today’s review is Nightwing #8, written by Kyle Higgins, with art by Eddy Barrows, and publish by DC Comics. I had love the start of Nightwing, coming off of his stint as Batman, I had high hopes for him, but as issues gone by, my interest faded fast. And soon Nightwing wasn’t a series I was collecting, but now is the start of the big Batman event, “Night of the Owls,” an event that Scott Snyder over in the Batman Comic has beautifully crafted. With Nightwing being included in this event, I decided to check it out and see if this interesting event Scott Synder has created would add some interest of this title for me.


Kyle Higgins interlace this issue with a story about Dick Grayson’s ancestor, and how his family became apart of the circus. Soon we jump right into the mist of Night of the Owls drama, where assassins from the Court of Owls are out to kill all Gotham leaders, people who help shape Gotham. Nightwing’s mission, stop the assassin that is headed towards Mayor Hady, and luckily he arrives in time before the assassin can deliver the kill. After defeating the assassin, Nightwing is blindsided by another Court of Owls’ assassin which happens to be the same ancestor we heard about in the beginning.


This was a good issue of Nightwing, with a fine story of Dick’s ancestor followed by a exciting fight scene, then with a nice cliffhanger. But somehow, I’m not excited for the series after the big event, i’m only drawn to this issue because of the cool assassins and nice fight scene. In the beginning, I had hopes for more play on the idea of the differences of Nightwing and Batman, in character and style. I also, had hopes for more influence of his time as the Batman, because that was the only reason why I had like the character to begin with, I never liked him before his tenure as the Bat, and now I get less crazy of him as the series moves on.


As for art, Eddy Barrows is amazing, and I have loved his stuff since the beginning of the series and had very little complaints, if any, and he would have been the main reason why I would stick with this series. His characters always look top notch, along with his detailed environments, strong line work with good amount of detail, in this issue he shows how gruesome he can be with the killings. Another one of my big draws to his work is his amazing panel designs, which I feel is on the same innovated level as Batwomen artist/writer J.H. Williams III, giving pages more power and storytelling abilities.


If you have been loving Nightwing so far, then I’m sure the inclusion of Scott Synders awesome event is only an add bonus, but if you haven’t been keeping up with the series, there isn’t a whole lot from this issue to make you want to start. Though the issue itself is a fine read if you love the Batman event and want to read all others the support the main story, which would make this issue a “Check It Out” for me and hopefully others as well. I’m just disappointed by having my high hopes for the series not follow through with, but like I mention before, the issue has a great fight scene, with amazing art, and a fine cliffhanger, so everything is not too bad.


My Take:

Check It Out

Here are a few pages from Nightwing #8, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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