Comic Book Review!: Avengers vs. X-Men #1

Hello there fellow comic book lovers, today’s review will be the mega big event from Marvel that starts with the Avengers vs. X-Men #1, with so many writers, Jason Aaron, Brian Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman and Matt Fraction, with art by John Romita Jr. This is Marvel heavily push new big event, that has all the biggest names attach to it, and so does this new mega event from Marvel live up to the hype.

I would say yes and no, there is a lot of potential and ideas coming out of this big event, like the return of my favorite character Nova, and the chance to see the potential fun of the Avengers vs. X-Men fighting issues. So there are plenty of things that I’m looking forward to from this event, but as first issue goes it doesn’t make me terribly excited to the main event itself.

It has a reasonable premise for the Avengers to come into conflict with the X-Men, which is the return of the Phoenix force. Having the Avengers looking at the Phoenix as a threat to the world, where as the X-Men are seeing it as a potential rebirth of their race. But this is also where the first problem I have with it comes from, the Phoenix has always presented as a threat but it has always been mainly a X-Men concern, I don’t believe I have ever seen the Avengers but in before, so you get to wonder why now it is so important. Like I said the premise is sound, but I felt the impact of the Phoenix didn’t feel powerful enough and/or emotionally gripping to warrant such a heavy conflict between two big superhero teams. Now I haven’t read any previous Avengers and X-Men interaction in recent times, no real lead up and build up to help add emotion to the story. I do get the feeling of Scott resenting Captain America’s lack of support in the recent tragedies that has befallen the X-Men in recent times, but that isn’t really explored at all here, making it feel out of place for Scott’s character to strike Captain America first, and making the argument as a whole very weak and not very emotionally impacting. And that is how I could explain how this issue felt like, and how I feeling about this event so far, emotionally weak and not resonating to me.

John Romita Jr. is definitely on top of his game here, what could I complain about, good emotional expressive characters, nicely detail backgrounds, and wonderfully rendered splash pages. If you know Romita Jr. you know what to expect, nothing new here, but that isn’t a bad thing, because again his work is top notch. I have really become a big fan of Romita Jr. in recent years, so having him on this big event title is definitely a nice draw for me.

Even though I said that I don’t feel very emotionally invest or excited in this event after reading the first issue, I still feel like this is a “Definite Buy.” There is a lot of potential and a lot of things I’m looking forward to from this event, so hopefully future installments won’t disappoint so much, this is a 12 issue story. Also, I have high expectation from the amount of talent on this event, so I’m hoping that stories won’t feel short and weak, and definitely more impacting.

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Avengers vs. X-Men #1, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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