Comic Book Spotlight/Review!: Morning Glories #16

Hello there comic book lovers, today will a be a spotlight/review of Morning Glories #16, written by Nick Spencer, with art by Joe Eisma, colors by Alex Sollazzo, covers by Rodin Esquejo, and published by Image Comics. Morning Glories is a must read series and it is another title by Image that I love, it is up there with Chew, Walking Dead and Invincible for me. Image has been creating quality titles that break out of the superhero genre that comic books have been associated with for so long, and Morning Glories follows that mold.

Without spoiling much of the series, we have Casey, Hunter, Jun, Zoe, Ike and Jade, who are all very different kinds of kids with very different backgrounds that have just entered a private prep school. But unfortunately this is no ordinary school, our group of characters soon find out that this is a school that holds a lot of mysteries, and has a very sinister purpose for its unique student body. Their lives are also not safe there, which draws these kids together to help out each other survive their new imprisonment in. The kids try find a way to escape the mysterious school, all the while discovering more questions than answers about the school and its equally mysterious teachers. During a weird school game, Casey, the unspoken leader of the group, takes the opportunity to help some of the members of the group escape with a mysterious teacher, Miss Hodge, but it doesn’t turn out how Casey thought it would, because Miss Hodge plans only concerns Casey.

Nick Spencer has certainly created a “Lost” style series set in a school, with mystery around every corner, and equally mysterious characters to keep you wondering. His main cast of characters are also very engaging, with intriguing back stories that draws you into the characters. And while Nick is definitely piling on the mystery with no clear answer to any of them, one can only hope that a great series will only payoff in a great way and not blow it by building good mysteries with weak outcomes.

As for the art of Joe Eisma, I’m not particularly thrilled about it. With the caliber of script that Nick is putting out, I felt that Joe’s art falls flat. Feeling that it is very unpolished at times and I’m really not crazy about the facial look of his characters. I don’t feel like Joe’s work is ugly or anything, because after 16 issues I’ve gotten used to it, it is just not visually pleasing. But on the other side, Rodin Esquejo’s cover art is amazing, yet very deceptive because looking at the cover you would expect very high quality art. The covers may also be the problem for Joe Eisma’s art as well, because the off balance of art quality feels very disproportional, so there is always a comparison between the two, which then becomes unfair to Joe’s artwork. Like I said, Joe’s pages feel very simplistic, with boring line work, and little distinguishing details, making his style feel very unpolished to me. Also, it doesn’t help that Alex Sollazzo’s color are simplistic and doesn’t really stand out, even more off putting is that after 16 issues, I don’t see much improvement. But like I said, after 16 issues, the art starts to become serviceable, and it is something to expect.

Still Morning Glories is a great series, and Nick Spencer is crafting a very mysterious and engaging story, with interesting characters that are pretty much well defined. And while I may seem harsh about Joe Eisma’s art, I don’t find it unwatchable and it is something I just come to expect from the title. Alex Sollazo’s amazing covers and Nick’s intriguing script help balance the quality of the book, and makes it worth while. So don’t be discouraged by my analysis of the artwork and let it deter you from this “Definite Buy” series, this is a series very suited to non comic book readers, where you are not bogged down by long continuity, or the super hero flares.

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Morning Glories #16, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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