Comic Book Review!: Wolverine #301

Hello there fellow comic book lovers, today’s review will be the great title of Wolverine #301, written by Jason Aaron, with art by Billy Tan and Steve Sanders, splitting art duties with certain chapters, and of course the title is publish by Marvel Comics. I have to say, ever since Jason have been writing Wolverine, I have enjoy every moment of it, and it will be so sad to see him go after this arc.

Wolverine have came back to Japan to stop a war between the Yakuza and a off shoot of the Hand ninja led by a high Hand official name Azuma Goda. Goda have also hired Mystique and the recently resurrected Sabertooth to help him take over the Japanese underworld. Also, Wolverine’s adopted daughter, Amiko, was kidnapped by Goda in order to lure her boyfriend Shin, son of the late Silver Samurai, into rescuing her. And the rescue/war is an amazing and crazy high octane scene, where we see a battle between Wolverine, Sabertooth, Ninjas, new Silver Samurai and the Yakuza (who comes in from the air, or as “thugs on crotch-rockets, armed with chainsaws). Jason is definitely coming out on a high note, creating a fun Wolverine story that will be remembered to a long time. I have certainly gotten my action fix with this issue, Wolverine has a great fight scene with Sabertooth and the new Silver Samurai. It is amazing how Jason have created a title that has a definite bang for your bucks kind of feel, reading this issue I had to double check how many pages this was, felt longer then it actually was, might be because of the chapter styling Jason is doing.

It is a little weird to have two different artists, Billy Tan and Steve Sanders, on the title because it usually doesn’t flow right. But luckily it does here, at least for the most part, even though I’m not crazy seeing the look of characters change drastically each time, the flow of the art is done pretty well. Portraying each of Wolverine’s fight scene differently was not a bad idea, giving each scene kind of a different feel. But it doesn’t hurt that both Billy and Steve’s art is quite good, especially Billy’s art, absolutely great in capturing the heart pounding action. Only thing for me is that I’m not always crazy about the faces Billy draws, looks kinda distorted a few times, but very top notch non the less. As for Steve’s artwork, it is very clean and clear, and his portrayal of Wolverine healing is beautifully rendered.

Again Jason Aaron is definitely going out of the Wolverine series with a memorable bang, we are getting everything we can want and more from a Wolverine title. Jason have brought the badass and interesting Wolverine that I have always love, shows why Wolverine have always been my most favorite comic book character. So Wolverine #301 and the whole Jason Aaron run is a “Definite Buy,” it is a title that has a great mixture of crazy action, and real (comic book real at least) human struggles and emotions.



Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Wolverine #301, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!

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