Comic Book Review!: Peter Panzerfaust #1

Hello there fellow comic book lovers, another wonderful day for a review, and today’s review is Peter Panzerfaust #1 written by Kurtis Wiebe, art by Tyler Jenkins, and publish by Image Comics. Been hear some good things about thing title, that it is Peter Pan/WWII, which intrigued me.


But unfortunately it is not how I pictured it would be, but it is still a pretty good story none the less, with our main character, Peter coming to the rescue of a few orphan boys, helping them escape the German bombing. Peter and the boys, dodging tanks and German soldiers in order to get to Peter’s safe house. In the house is where we are introduced to the orphan boys, and get the reason why Peter is Calais, France, which is to find a special girl to him.


I was a little put off because I can into the title thinking if there is a Peter Pan mix that there would be a little bit more magical play in the story. But right now the story tries to be as grounded as possible, with only a few elements the echoes to the Peter Pan idea. Like when one of the boys describe Peter jumping a from rooftop to rooftop like he was flying. Still, what does compensate for the lack of a magical element was the fun adventure story that Kurtis creates. We get a fun and brave protagonist in Peter, and a exciting setting of the chaotic war period of WWII. I’m also liking the premise that Peter is braving that crazy war in hopes to look for a girl (a lover perhaps), very fairytale like. And I’m liking the premise that the story well become more like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys soon.


As for Tyler’s art, I’m not really crazy about it and feel that it is barely serviceable at times, and when I say serviceable, I mean that I don’t really notice the art much, I either hate nor love the art. And that art gets the job done in conveying the script, while Tyler’s art does the job, I’m still not crazy about the sketchy way the pages look, making the line work look unclean for me. But I do admit the Tyler’s art fit the script, with his line work we do get the gritty feel of the chaotic war, plus art doesn’t try to overshadow the script.


Even though I was a little disappointed because my expectations of the story wasn’t met in I came into it, I still got a decent story from Kurtis. A tell of adventure, the banding of a group of boy who have lost everything, becomes friends and go on a adventurous ride together, indeed very Lost Boys like. Also, while I’m not crazy about Tyler’s art, I find it to do the job, plus the script and setting compensates, so Peter Panzerfaust his a “Definite Buy” for me, and is at least worth a try for readers who like war and adventurous stories with a dashing lead.


My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Peter Panzerfaust #1, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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