Artist Spotlight!: Philippe Ramette

Hello there fellow art lovers, today’s spotlight is a really nice mind binder artist, Philippe Ramette (or Ream), a sculptor and illustrator who create viewpoint pieces, art of object or people in improbable situations, yet it is by no means absurd to illustrate the issue, but rather to construct an image of a rational irrational. many of his work is a play on perspective, an illusory trick on the human mind, wanting his work to appears to be defying gravity, but still set in the real, no use of any Photoshop or computer program, bur instead builds metal support structures that allow him to stand or sit at impossible angles. In collaboration with photographer Marc Domage, Philippe in a black suit, composes the image of a landscape that will be part new art pieces that captures surreal self-portraits in keeping with his defying gravity concept.

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