Comic Book Review!: Thunderbolts #169

Hello there my fellow comic lovers, today’s review is Thunderbolts #169 written by Jeff Parker, with art by Kev Walker, and publish by Marvel Comics. I have never liked the Thunderbolts before, but Jeff Parker gotta me into the title, and for awhile I really like the story. But unfortunately with the fluctuation of price during the period of me collecting the title I jumped off the title, only knowing slightly of what has been going on in the title.

And what was going on was that a few members of the Thunderbolts (Moonstone, Fixer, Centurius, Boomerang, Satana, Mr. Hyde, Troll) have escape their imprisonment and started to travel thru time. This whole time travel arc had kind of turned me away, I’m not really a fan of time travel stories, the purpose and over all story never seems to interest me. And while the purpose here is either very weak or not fully explain yet, but hang in with the title until the group gets to King Arthur’s time is will worth it. Again, the time travel arc really didn’t interest me, but once our group of baddies hit medieval times, where they go up against King Arthur, Merlin, and the Black Knight (holder of the Ebony Blade) is when I’m starting to like the adventure our group of villains are facing. The events the Thunderbolts go thru while in the past just didn’t peak my interest, but now we get to see some badass characters our villains can play off very well.

We have some characters that pulls a threat to the team, one particular threat, the great wizard Merlin, who was able to turn Satana’s spell back at the group and knocking them out. And then they are imprison in a secret dungeon of Merlin. This has been a start to a more compelling story arc, with cool moments throughout the story, and the ending seems to promise more interesting turns to come.

I have always like Kev Walker’s art, ever since I was introduce to him through my start on the Thunderbolts. His work has always been wonderfully detailed with it is character or environment, there isn’t a panel that is very bland. Speaking of characters, I love the look of them, they wonderfully drawn, they are characters that have very unique look to them with wonderful facial expressions, just look at Merlin’s face, totally awesome.

After a very questionable choice in story idea (time travel) and boring excuetion, I am back on board to if what I enjoy in this issue continue with subsequent issues. But no matter what, your eyes won’t get tired on seeing Kev Walker’s beautiful artwork, so again hoping that both we continue on thru the story. Thunderbolts #169 was a “Definite Buy” for me, the art alone could already get me to pick up this book, but how fortunate that the story is equally enjoyable.

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Thunderbolts #169, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now. Also, if there are any title you want me to get and review so you can know if it is worth spend your money on be sure to hit me up or live a comment, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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