Comic Book Review!: Whispers #1

Hello there fellow comic book lovers, today’s review will be Whispers #1 written and with art by Joshua Luna (Swords, Girls), and published by Image Comics. This is the solo venture of Joshua Luna, one half of the great Luna Brothers that have created good independent titles like The Sword, Girls and Ultra, and this title seems to have that similar great spark the other titles have.

The story revolves around Sam, a guy with a lot of problems, such as being a germaphobic with compulsive disorders, and in turn have a hard time interacting with people. Which probably attributes to why he doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore, and why it would seem he has is not very good when it comes to interaction with other people. But anyways, what makes Sam a really unique guy is that he can mysteriously jump out of his body when he goes to sleep, as well as having slight suggestive abilities. He tries to explain the to some people he knows, including his ex-girlfriend Lily, but it doesn’t go to well, making him just come off as a weirdo. So later that night, getting ready to sleep, Sam demonstrates this mysterious ability of his, he starts to have float to places and people his is familiar with. Getting the chance to see how life is for people he once knew, as well as use his suggestive abilities to steer the actions a certain way. And at the last page Sam decide to go see his ex-girlfriend.

Joshua Luna has definitely created a story with and interesting premise, with an equally unique lead to implement his idea in a creepy way, thanks to the creepy and disturbed lead. Admittedly this is not as exciting has his other story with his brother, it definitely feels a less like The Sword (action pack) and more like Girls (horror-like/thriller), very personal in the it seems to be more character focus and not crazy over the top nonsense. Which is probably why I may like the story but I’m not too interested in it like I was with the action pack comic The Sword, or the over the top nonsense of Girls. But, I must say, what is really making like this title is Joshua’s amazing art, I am loving it. His art here feels very different from the previous two titles I mention, feels a bit more in realism, and  the soft color palette definitely set it apart from past work. I just can’t say enough, how the characters look really gorgeous, especially the coffee shop scene, and his character also have a great wide range of expressions, giving a nice showcase of emotions from his characters.

Like I said, concept wise I think the ideas and execution is really great and intriguing, but for my taste I feel that it is not bringing me in like his other works. This isn’t usually my time of story, and Joshua wasn’t able to fully bring me on board, I may only glance through issue two, but I doubt that this story get me to follow along. Still, it is a good story, just not my cup of tea, so this is a “Definite Check It Out” for, and maybe you guys will like it more then me. At least I know one think, this is most certainly a title where it is more like a book then your average comic book, a title where can see the range of genre that comic books may have.

My Take:

Definite Check It Out


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