Comic Book Review!: Green Lantern #6

Hello there fellow comic book lovers, today’s review is Green Lantern #6, written by Geoff Johns with art by Mike Choi and publish by DC Comics. For a few years now Geoff have been crafting the Green Lantern world in a very intriguing way, and few the whole DC 5s event, he continue with his incredible weaving.

After receiving a Green Lantern Ring from Sinestro in exchange for Hal Jordan’s help in saving Korugar (Sinestro’s home world). Hal is back on earth, left with a powerless ring because he now has no way of recharging it. But thanks to the events on Korugar, Hal came to realize that there are more important things then being a superhero, like being with Carol (the girl he loves), so be becomes content without the need of the ring.

Meanwhile, Sinestro is hunting down Lyssa Drak, the keeper of the Book of Black (a book that can tell the past, present, and future) and a member of his old Sinestro Corps that betrayed him during the events of Blackest Night. After finding her, Sinestro was able to subdue her and retrieve the book, during which he touches a page from the book and see visions of what the Guardians having plan, and he decides that he can’t stand by and watch. But this is a task that he will need help with, so he repowers Hal’s ring and gives him no choice but join up with Sinestro.

I’m really like the new series, it is telling a very character driven story, exploring the lives and personality of two of the most iconic characters in the Green Lantern universe, Sinestro and Hal. Geoff has a complete mastery own these characters, as well as a great well of ideas for the Green Lantern universe, after years he is still able to make these characters and corner of the comic book universe interesting. I have definitely grown to really like Sinestro, for me his like my comic book version of Vegeta (a character from Dragonball Z), a cocky, self absorb maniac with good intentions. Weird, I never did thing I would like him as much as I do now, so it is only accredited to the skills of Geoff to be able to make him so loveable to me.

Mike Choi’s art has always fall into the category of serviceable for me, nothing to gush over nor anything to really hate. His characters give a touch of anime influence to them, and no real striking or distinct detail work in his characters or environments. I think what really doesn’t help his art here is the coloring by both Mike Choi and Alex Sinclair, it makes his lines pretty bland or flat in most of the panels, so it just doesn’t help his simplistic lines.

Green Lantern is a very good read, with very interesting characters, giving nice twists to both Hal and Sinestro, making Sinestro a character to love for me. Also, Geoff’s over stretching storyline with the Guardians is also interesting, no one can deny that Geoff has made the Green Lantern series as iconic or enjoyable as Superman or Batman. So Green Lantern #6, the whole series, is a “Definite Buy,” a story that is as epic as any Batman or Superman story on the shelves right now.

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Green Lantern #6, be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now. Also, if there are any title you want me to get and review so you can know if it is worth spend your money on be sure to hit me up or live a comment, and like always Have Fun Reading!


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